Need advice on HOM

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User Info: Premium

5 years ago#11
> Osama bin Laden has been killed
Stupid sod. He shouldn't have used his real address on the Playstation Network.
- KWall717

User Info: Brasilero_Fury

5 years ago#12
I see, also @OP

You can get the tormented weapon through the wayfarer quests this week

User Info: CursedSeishi

5 years ago#13
Brasilero_Fury posted...
This is a relevant question: HoM is account wide, right? So I could get one title on one char and another one on a different char and they'd both be counted for the rewards?

Yeah, you'll just have to make sure you get them dedicated in the HoM for the respective character of course, as well as have the needed tapestry for the section you are dedicating to on that specific character.
"they'll be too busy yelling at the whiny 12yr olds playing on their Xglove 36k Omnitools playing Call of Duty: Shanxi at War"
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