worst trial ever

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User Info: Solid_Schmitty

5 years ago#1
seriously, they shouldnt even bother with a free trial if they are gonna let you play for only 10 hours..... that is total garbage and in no way shape or form gives an accurate depiction of the game.. its total trash and they might as well just get rid of it

User Info: Draginvry

5 years ago#2
The starter area for this game (at least for Prophecies) is not a good depiction of what the overall game is like. You really need to get to the Breach (or maybe even further) before you can start to get a good idea of what the game is actually like.

User Info: shipwreckers

5 years ago#3
Considering that you can get all 4 installments of the game for 29 bucks (with the Complete Collection), why even bother with a trial? Just BUY it! It's worth it.
Money is overrated...

User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#4
Agreed that 10 hours isn't nearly enough, but the flip side is that this entire gamy is buy it once, at a very low price as has been pointed out, and that's it. No sub fees. They had to draw the line somewhere. I forget what level I got to, as it's been a while, when I got to the searing, but the only other way I could see doing it is a level and content cap. That is, limit your level to just after the searing, and perhaps lock you pretty close with invisible walls (which I hate in any game) to limit your content experience.

It's tricky with a game that's practically free as it is.
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