Derf! Oh boy, now I have two. :(

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  3. Derf! Oh boy, now I have two. :(

User Info: Lord Plothos

Lord Plothos
4 years ago#1
So I turned in 50 candy corn to get the old pumpkin head from 05. Awesome.
I went to Kamadan and since I'm not playing just dropped a bunch of plat for 50 cookies. Got the token. I thought, hey, I would rather have the second pumpkin head than the witch hat, so I go back to LA with my token. Speak to the guy. He doesn't ask me anything, but the dialog shows as if I have no token. I go into my inventory to see what's up and I have A SECOND first year head. It like auto-bought or something. Ridiculous crappy bug.
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User Info: Cherish

4 years ago#2
Same thing happened to me, except I got the gift bags instead of an actual mask. I would've been really pissed off in your position D:
If Anet mailed crates of cash to all GW players, some people would still complain about how it was packed. - Plague4490
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  3. Derf! Oh boy, now I have two. :(

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