What is the fastest way to earn Hall of Monuments Rewards for gw2?

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  3. What is the fastest way to earn Hall of Monuments Rewards for gw2?

User Info: IndigoIce

5 years ago#1
I'll like to earn up to 15 pts in Hall of Monuments to get the rewards in gw2.

- I play 6 hours per day. How long will I take? (Include learning basics.)

- I'm totally new and don't know where and how to start this 15pts mission.

- Going to 100% solo since almost everyone is on gw2.

- Are there any solid walkthrough guides?

User Info: Lizardneck

5 years ago#2
There've been a few posted on this board in the past. You can check the search function to find those. There's also one on the wiki.

User Info: IndigoIce

5 years ago#3
Yes. I did researched hours before posting. I won't bother to post if I already get my answers through "search engine". There're many posts like this but never answer to my questions. Most of them go all around the bush. E.g. They said it takes 1 month, but how long per day for them to take 1 month? Most give guides for 30 pts, but I only need 15pt so which 15pts are the estimated "fastest" and "soloable"?

All of the guides I seen in search engine were quite unclear and only answer to their specific questions.

User Info: Lizardneck

4 years ago#4
Answering how long it takes isn't really an easy question. For one, anyone who played before the HOM calculator was created had quite a few points by then anyway, so we don't really have a reference for how long it takes if aiming specifically for them. Whether you're doing this alone or with someone else who has played before and has heroes could drastically change the time it takes, too. Playing with someone who has heroes makes protector titles incredibly easy, and most likely doable as you go through the games without having to repeat any content (assuming they've unlocked skills for their heroes and know how to make decent builds for them.) If you're playing alone, and want to play the games in chronological order, you might struggle with the protector titles since you won't have heroes for Prophecies and Factions. And even if you start with Nightfall, you wouldn't have the skills unlocked to make the heroes as useful as they could be since you're just starting out.

So, to give a rough estimate, about as long as it takes you to beat three single player games. Most of the requirements I list below don't require doing too much more than that.

Anyway, point distribution, assuming you have all of the games:

Black Moa (requires getting a book from Zho in EotN and going on a sidequest. 2 points; 1 for any mini, 1 for unique)

MOX (1 point for any hero)
All rare pets (or replace pets with more heroes, but make sure you grab at least one rare pet. 4 points; 1 point for any pet, 1 for rare, and 2 for full display)

Account linked (3 points)
All three Hero titles (ones you get for beating the standalones. 2 points for any statue)
Two protector titles (ones you get for getting masters/bonus for every mission in that campaign. If you're not getting Canthan as one of these, then take the Kurzick route when you play Factions so you can get both the black moa pet and minipet. 3 points for full display)

If you can find people selling minis, you can replace some of those requirements by buying tons of white minis. But I'm not sure what the market for them is like now. You can also replace them with more hero statues (5 hero statues per point you're replacing.)

User Info: Lord Plothos

Lord Plothos
4 years ago#5
Just FYI the rewards in gw2 are so utterly beyond useless it's laughable.
The title I can display is my "prize possession" from my 30/50 effort.
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  3. What is the fastest way to earn Hall of Monuments Rewards for gw2?

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