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Story Missions?

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User Info: VengenceDragon7

5 years ago#1
I haven't played this game in a long time and I'm trying to get back into it and beat the story. Is there a way I can check to see which story mission I'm on, or even know how to tell if it is a story mission? I just want to beat this game already.
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User Info: Chrono007

5 years ago#2
There isn't an easy way, no. You can try:

1. Look through your quests window (press L in game). Look through your primary quests if you have any and start from there.

2. If you don't have any primary quests, you're going to have to look over the map for any uncompleted missions (they won't have swords through the icon).

If you can't find it from those two, you're going to have to look through the towns you've been through and try and go from there :P
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