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User Info: Thanatosz

4 years ago#1
Hey guys, getting my new computer soon, and need to do HoM points for GW2. i need 15 more points, and have Devotion 1/8, fellowship 3/8, honor 8/18, Resilience, 1/8 and valor 2/8. I was wondering, after you start playing GW2 does it make you unable to do more HoM stuff and get the rewards from GW1? And, would anyone be willing to start farming that stuff with me? Minus the PVP stuff, cause i dont think anyone would play PVP anymore. I played mainly an assassin, and a monk, and could definetely use the help. I have all the expansions and stuff. Need 1 tormented weapon to dedicate or whatever its called, along with an oppressor. One more dedicated would make me have 5 total putting me up 3 points. if i could get help getting the armor, it'd bump me up 3 poitns after 2 sets which equals 6 total, 2 companions will put me up another 2, equalling 8 of 15, Kurzick or Luxon Armor, Vabbian Armor, and Obsidian Armor would put me up 3 more to 11 of 15, along with the 2 from having 5 armor statues, and 2 more would put me up another one, so i'd be at 14/15 needed. One more weapon to dedicate after that would mean 15/15.

TL;DR Need a partner for HoM point farming. Any donations appreciated, and any help farming for things appreciated. 15/30 right now, info for what i could do for last 15 up there. Thanks for the read.
PSN: Pozeidonz

User Info: Lizardneck

4 years ago#2
From: Thanatosz | #001
after you start playing GW2 does it make you unable to do more HoM stuff and get the rewards from GW1?

You can still go back to get more HOM points after linking.

Don't think I'll be playing much in the near future, so I don't think I'll be of much help with your other question, though. :/

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