Party randomly getting executed

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User Info: maxfreak

4 years ago#1
So this is starting to get insanely annoying because i have limited time to play. I havent played this game in yeaaaars since i bought it. I never made it past the part where the Charr destroy Ascalon (lol dont judge me i lost interest) Well now i restarted a whole new character and ive made it pretty far past where i was before. But theres one thing thats really starting to piss me off. Randomly my party just dies. They just drop dead! The game then proceeds to tell me to restart at an outpost since my party died. WTF?! I seriously just spent 30 minutes on a quest on the verge of finishing to have this happen twice on the same quest! It happened twice before earlier in the game too. Anyone have any idea whats causing this? Its kind of depressing that just now im really getting into the game and this is spoiling it for me hardcore. Thanks in advance.
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User Info: Lizardneck

4 years ago#2
Were you doing a mission? And were you escorting Prince Rurik? If he (or anyone you're escorting) dies during a mission, the mission fails, everyone dies, and you have to restart.

User Info: maxfreak

4 years ago#3
Hmmm derp yes i was. It was protecting Nolani Academy from the Charr and then venturing out with Rurik. I will note that everytime this happened he mysteriously ran off while my part and i were busy killing baddies -_-' Thanks for the help! I definitely overlooked that haha. I always figured if he died it would say "Mission FAILEDDD" xD
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User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
4 years ago#4
It does, for a few seconds, above the box telling you to return to outpost. I forget the exact mission failure text, though.

And yeah, that's Rurik for you. He just... goes for it. Same way in Surmia (the preceding mission). MOST of the time, he's content to follow you (which does NOT mean he won't fight suicidally, just that he won't go off on his own), but there are certain points in both missions where he does exactly that: takes off and expects you to keep up.

In Surmia, it's everything from the time he says "As a boy I once traveled these lands" up until he rescues the last prisoner, Erol. In Nolani, it's everything after he passes through the gate to Rin. (To be fair, it IS his home, and it's being overrun by Charr. It's an understandable reaction. However.... it's overrun by Charr. It's NOT SAFE.)

Quick tip: Hitting "L" to bring up the quest log, while in a mission, will include a bullet-pointed list of mission objectives at the top. (Some will be added - with text notices in the game to accompany them.) If any indicate that you should keep someone alive, or protect them, or escort them, or however they decide to word it - and in many cases, there WILL be a specific objective "_____ must survive" - then you will have to make sure that they DO stay alive.

Allies who must be kept alive WILL be on your "Allies" section of the party list panel. This will allow monks to quickly target them for healing, and ANYONE to see if they're in danger. (Double-clicking on their health bar will make you autorun to them, if you aren't sure where they specifically are.) Such Allies can NOT be resurrected (excepting in the Eye of the North expansion and certain content added afterward, where they will auto-revive after combat ends).

Any NPCs who aren't even put on that panel are inherently expendable. (Sometimes, Allies on the panel are expendable. But only sometimes.)

There will be a lot of missions that require you to keep someone alive. Usually, it will be an easy task - not everyone is like Rurik. They'll stay with you - often out of melee, unless they are a Warrior - so as long as you can handle the fights, they are in relatively little danger.

It's when they go off on their own - or when you have to leave them at a spot while pursuing an objective - that things can get a bit hairy. Groups with multiple players often split in such a way that one guards the NPC, with a monk Hero if they are not a monk themselves, while the other takes henches or heroes out to perform their objective. (If you have no human players with you, use of the Hero Flags can help you coordinate your heroes and henches, to some degree.)
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User Info: SKA_

4 years ago#5
escort missions.

working as intended.

that is to say -- intended to piss you off.
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User Info: Premium

4 years ago#6
The game wikis have all quest and mission walkthroughs.
For Nolani, there is the option of clearing out the bulk of the sieging waves waiting at the bottom of the hill before opening the gate for Rurik. However, do mind that it can be very hard unless you have some sort of advantage to leverage over the mobs, such as higher level/better armour & weapons than for the area/heroes.
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