Should I start?

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User Info: trayvian

3 years ago#1
So I bought the game launch day, played for maybe five minutes (literally I am level 2), got bored and went back to WoW. Here it is 7 years later, recovered my account, and am looking at trying this out.

Does anyone still play this? Is it worth getting into after all these years? I just have the original game, no expansions.


User Info: Mecha_Kraken

3 years ago#2
Guild Wars is a fun game and can be very addictive, plus lots of people still play it, even with the sequel out. I find that I can still have loads of fun playing it, and even spend time working on things even today. The pvp is also the best I have ever seen in terms of enablement - you can start right out with a fully leveled character, create your own weapons and items, and have access to skills that you can fully edit and change at will. Very good pvp construction.

If you got bored and went back to wow, then you will probably get bored again I suppose. GW is not like wow, so the differences may be too much for you to overlook. This is the same reason I can't really enjoy wow, it's just too different for me and I don't wanna pay subscription fees for a game that is as old as wow is. GW2 is a lot more like wow, so you may like that game better (it also has current graphic visual quality too) and no expansions have been released for it yet, so you can pretty much pick up and play with just the purchase of GW2.
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User Info: trayvian

3 years ago#3
Cool thanks for the feedback Mecha. I will try out the PvP system tonight.

User Info: mrjojo1267

3 years ago#4
Yes, still quite a few people playing this. PvP is still fun although out of the several PvP features that are available, only the Random Arena (random 4 v 4) is active. My favourite was Alliance Battles with 12 v 12 but no-one plays that anymore.

Mecha_Kraken is right in terms of how bored you might get quickly, WoW does have more to offer but GW is more fair when it comes to character development.

User Info: Daedelous

3 years ago#5
You should start if you want to engage in the lore for GW2 history purposes or if you want to unlock sweet stuff in GW2.

On it's own, it's a fun game that you can thankfully play solo. Join League of Legends for DEMACIA!!
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