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User Info: DangerWorldWide

6 years ago#1
So, I've been messing around with Codebreaker based CC's and messing with tactics and such, so I'd like to ramble alittle bit.

Great Tactics: Charge, Berserk, Harass, Siege, Volley, Arrowstorm
Good Tactics: Spearwall, Trample, Bombard, Ambush, Magic
Meh Tactics: Firearrow, Torrent, Blaze, Rockslide

Confusing your opponents is the fastest way to decimate the, the obviously best way to do that is w/ Mirage, but Harass is my favorite from the individual officer side. Harass has the lowest TP consumption of all the confusion inflicting moves, true Panic isn't as good as Confusion, but it's honestly as useful. Ambush is pretty good too, but the different in 1.2 and 1.5 times damage doesn't seem really worthwhile when you consider 25 or 45 TP.

Spearwall and Trample are both great skills, for hitting non-confused units for high damage and then confusing them, it's also pretty good at sweeping confused units in one turn, but if you have the spacing for it Berserk is better (I'll get to that latter). Arrowstorm is pretty good for using Crossbows but Crossbows are kinda weak by comparison to what you can do with Infantry or Cavalry. Arrowstorm cannot be used by Arbalest units, and frankly, that's probably a good thing; besides when you consider damage->TP w/ Arbalests, Volley seems to be better.

Berserk is a great attack if you can get away from friendly units, which honestly isn't too hard; best part is if you come in after the initial couple of turns of moving towards your enemy; you can hit a unit w/ Spearwall/Trample and hopefully confuse them, if you do, hit them w/ Berserk and you'll do obscene damage. Berserk hits for 0.8 times normal damage but 4 times, which means if all 4 hits hit, that's x3.2 damage, vs. the x2.5 of Spearwall or Trample.

Bombard is not as good, generally; but it seems to be a bit less likely to shoot friendly units overall. It's a very strong attack, especially if you can space your units to utilize it. It's also great for officers stuck w/ bow units for glory hogging, by getting a couple of weak units in range and plucking them off. I've gotten ridiculously high scores from battles due to sweeping multiple units w/ Bombard while they are at low health. Bombard however, unlike Arrowstorm, can be used by Arbalests; and in a defensive battle it's a monster; imagine 4 Infantry Charges at range with whatever sized unit w/ respect to the officers WAR. It's a brutal skill if you learn to use it.

Siege is one that gets overlooked alot, and I can see why; because Ram's and such do a much better job. But early on and in battles w/ smaller cities with low defense; Siege can be extremely useful, I won't bugger about it.

Charge is always useful, being that it costs 30 TP and does alot of damage. Same goes for Volley. These are really the bread'n'butter tactics for dealing with units. But I never use them if I am low on TP and attacking a confused unit, unless I think I can one hit it to prevent someone else from getting the capture. It's generally more efficient to attack confused units normally and use that turn to build up more TP for more attacks.

Magic is the best Stratagem, but that's not really that great either, IMO; it is as a pocket Mirage for lower WAR units, but it doesn't do alot of damage; and it's not a 100% confusion. If you don't have high WAR and other tactics, it's the best of the 4 green ones. But 80 TP is alot of TP for that attack. Torrent and Rockslide cost 70 but are limited by terrain. Blaze costs 60 but is utterly pointless.

Firearrow is also worthless, costing 25 TP vs. Volley's 30, for 1.0 damage and setting on fire; which is really silly. I suppose it might be useful against Nanman troops, but it's not that big of a concern to me.

So that's my rant about tactics. If anyone has something to add to this, particularly a use for Firearrow, let me know.

User Info: Shadow20201

6 years ago#2
Blaze is useful defensively for slowing down a group of enemies marching through a forest while picking them off with arrows. They'll wast time dowsing it and not being able to stand in the fire spots. If they fire spreads, they'll get hurt and possibly injure the leading officer.

But as it is, those situations are few and far between. I'm rarely on the defensive if I'm the ruler.
'Sir we are surrounded!' 'Excellent, then we can attack in any direction.'

User Info: Liu Domi

Liu Domi
6 years ago#3
I'll say that Magic has gotten me out of a pinch quite a few times. When you're surrounded and allies are far off, Magic definitely buys you some time. And I agree on Blaze being a defensive buff. If you're pushed back to the castle, just Blaze up front and that'll usually buy you enough time before the offense can finish the siege.

I love spamming Spearwall, Trample, and Arrowstorm if I have the capacity to do so. :) But, yes, Charge and Volley are the bread and butter. I don't like using Berserk unless I'm surrounded or in a 1-1 with no allies nearby.
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User Info: Kaiyan_Wang

6 years ago#4
I can never see Berserk being better than Trample (or Spearwall). Like, in order to use it, you need to get your guy into a pretty 'bad' position, separated from allies. If you're surrounded, unless you're playing some demi-god character surrounded by peons, there's a high chance you're getting rocked, and you might be getting pooped on with status changes. It's like, a 'well, I'm stuck and have nothing better to do' attack.

Then again, I may be somewhat biased, as Trample is absolutely my favorite combat skill in the game. It was why I first started liking Gongsun Zan. Had an alliance with him in an early playthrough, because screw Yuan Shao and he agreed, he came on the scene and was like 'sup lol, yes i did just kill 5300 of your little dudes and confused you. yes, i absolutely plan on doing it again.' His little portrait won an everlasting mancrush that day.

User Info: firedraco2

6 years ago#5
It's actually not hard to use Berserk, you just need to be 1 square separated from your allies. You don't need to be that far away from them. Just make sure the guy is on flat terrain and own them.

That said, I still use Trample on Confused officers cause I love seeing 8000+ numbers coming up.
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User Info: DangerWorldWide

6 years ago#6
The same confused officer you can do 8k w/ Trample, you can do 3k per attack w/ Berserk, and with 4 attacks (Lvl IV and above) will do 12k overall damage.

Getting enough space for your officers to pull it off isn't that hard either.

User Info: Chewisbeast

6 years ago#7
Once I get arbs, I spam volley like crazy. 5000~6000 on normal units, 10000~15000 on confused or boat units makes fights way to easy.
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