Does this game work on the 360?

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User Info: Sjusovaren

9 years ago#1
Im very interested in this game but my Xbox 1 died a long time ago.
Will this work on my 360?
This seems like a really great game.

User Info: not4prophet

9 years ago#2
This game didn't even work on the Xbox.

Oooh, burnsauce!
Prhyme:^That's a pretty bold statement

User Info: Sjusovaren

9 years ago#3
I have looked at lots of advent Rising videos on youtube and i never notice any problems with the game.
Like this one for example

I heard the framerate was supposed to be terrible but i dont see any framerate problems at all.
I have seen many videos with much more action too of course.

User Info: IceHedge

9 years ago#4
This game is equivalent to Xbox 360's Force Unleashed, except I find Advent Rising to be a tad more funner. There's more replayability with Force Unleashed, sure, but the main character can't even grapple onto ledges, and platforming is 1/3 of the entire game. Plus, Force Unleashed is oozing with bottomless pits, and I hate bottomless pits. Just a bias of mine.

Advent Rising should work on the 360, but it isn't compatible. Now I have to get my piece of crap Xbox hooked up everytime I want to play it.
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  3. Does this game work on the 360?

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