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User Info: bpkevoIII

6 years ago#1
I made a skyline that is pretty cool looking Here is how to make it
First you need to beat the game or buy the parts
spoiler supernova
hood stock
roof scoop blizzard or stock
wide body kit mantis
rims Konig blatant
neon blue or white (pulse or no pulse)
head lights lunar
stock tail lights
muffler sonic or rocket
window tint dark black
base and spoiler Metallic black (first row (metallic) seventh color)
rims (first color stock silver)
engine accent light blue (second row third color)
brake calipers red (first row fifth color)
muffler chrome (first row third color)
Vinyls 1st: side wild 4 2nd: side wild 3 3rd: hood tear 8 4th: hood flame 6 (all vinyls are white)
Performance All extreme packages

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