I hope that a Maximo 3 is set for the PS3 in the future

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  3. I hope that a Maximo 3 is set for the PS3 in the future

User Info: jolemite

9 years ago#1
I know M3 has been cancelled a few years ago, but there's always a chance it could be revived. After all, many movies and games get resuscitated after months (or years). As an example, the Sex and the City movie was supposed to be released 4 years ago and was scrapped then. Everybody thought it was over and done with, but now it's released.

I hope the same goes for Maximo 3. The competition will be stiff, with games like GoW and DMC, but let us pray that Capcom brings Maximo from the dead.

User Info: shadowheartsfan

9 years ago#2
I've asked CAPCOM time and time again to, but all they say is " Maximo is resting." on the message boards in the " Ask CAPCOM" section. But I REALLY hope it does happen.

User Info: virdicyer

9 years ago#3
Yay -- a thread that's not archived.

Ya, it would've been nice to have the 3rd game made to finish the story... though it'll probably be a lot better when brought back later since technology improves. My favorite part of the series was the art style. Just think how much cooler it'll be on PS3 or PS4.
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User Info: Allosawyou

9 years ago#4
I have heard that origionally, there was going to be a Maximo 3, to make a Triogly, and this one would finish the 'Search for Sophia', which was kinda ignored in this game. However, due to low sales of Maximo 2, they decided against the 3rd game.

User Info: shadowheartsfan

9 years ago#5
^I know, that seriously sucks. HOPEFULLY they will restart making Maximo 3.

User Info: SilentDeath777

9 years ago#6
I loved Maximo more than Army of Zin, because of the Ghouls N' Ghost theme remixed in almost ever world/stage. I hope there will be a New Maximo game in 2009.

User Info: shadowheartsfan

9 years ago#7
I actually think Army of Zin is one of my favorite games of all time, and to me both of them are at the same place. I REALLY want them to recontinue the series.

User Info: humpmasterflex

9 years ago#8
maximo? the guy that walks with death?
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User Info: Master Cilander

Master Cilander
9 years ago#9
I have a 360, so I'd like a 360 version too, which would be likely. Maximo with achievements!

User Info: shadowheartsfan

9 years ago#10
Ughhh.... I hate Next Generation graphics. Too shiny and choppy. I like PS2'S GC'S and Wii's graphics the best. I really wish it was released 2 years ago on the ps2.....
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  3. I hope that a Maximo 3 is set for the PS3 in the future

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