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User Info: Manocheese

12 years ago#1
This topic is dedicated to answering commonly asked questions about Gotcha Force. If you have a question, look here.

--------------TABLE OF CONTENTS-------------

Borgs Appearing in the Box Glitch
Alternate Color Borgs/Cubes Next to Names
Signature Borgs
Orochi and Sho
Death Borgs/Death Eye
Fortress Borgs
G Black/Galactic Emperor
Combined Borgs/Fusing
Play Numbers
Unlockables and Extra G/Neo G Reds
Data Crystals
Obtaining Borgs
Borg Locations/Elusive Borgs
GF Energy
Challenge Mode
Story Mode Help
Wire Girl

-----------------BORGS APPEARING IN THE BOX GLITCH----------------

When you are in the Gotcha Box and press A on an empty space, sometimes a borg will appear. This borg may have very weird stats and may cause the game to make a buzzing sound when you check their stats. This is a very common glitch and is caused by something called stack overflow (thanks to Yoshi6400 for that clarification). It is NOT caused by having too many borgs in the Warehouse. This is a common misconception. If this happens to you, reset the game or just turn it off without saving.

Stack overflow is caused by playing for too long without saving. The game stores your data changes (getting borgs, moving borgs around in the Box and Warehouse, etc.) in the Gamecube until you save, at which point that data is transferred to the memory card and the data deleted from the Gamecube. If the temporary memory becomes too full, you get stack overflow and possible glitches.

The only known way to prevent the glitch is to save often. However, if you are affected by the glitch and save, there are some things you can do:

1. Don't keep messing with the glitch. It'll just worsen the situation.

2. Delete all glitchy borgs.

3. If a specific force is being glitchy (Not showing certain borgs is a common example), there isn't much you can do. Remove all the borgs from that force, add one that isn't very important to you, and label the force "DO NOT USE!!!" or something similar. The only reason to put in a borg that isn't important is because you may or may not have further problems.

-----------------ALTERNATE COLOR BORGS/CUBES NEXT TO NAMES--------------

All borgs have a color. This is displayed in a cube next to their name. Normal color borgs don't have this cube.

There are six colors, normal, alternate, crystal, silver, gold, and black. Alternate borgs have a different color scheme than normal borgs. Crystal borgs are a transparent blue, silver borgs are silver, gold borgs are gold (More like pyrite, in my opinion), and black borgs are solid black. Crystal is the least rare out of all the four complete colors (crystal, silver, gold, and black), silver is more rare than crystal, gold is more rare than silver, and black is the most rare. Alternate borgs seem to be rarer than normal ones.

The colored borgs aren't just pretty, they have bonuses. Crystal borgs have two levels less HP than normal borgs. Silver borgs have four levels more HP than normal ones. Gold has 6 levels more HP, and black has two more. Alternates have the same amount of HP as normals. Note that these amounts are for borgs at
level 1.

The alternate colors of some borgs that can gain bullets can start with different numbers of bullets. A crystal borg will never start with less, but will sometimes have to gain extra levels before its first increase.

----------SIGNATURE BORGS (SASUKE, VLAD, ETC.)--------------

The borgs used by your friends and foes CAN be obtained. However, they are very rare if you are in a low play number. Each one requires four data crystals and is A rarity. Signature borgs start with more health than their normal counterparts. Many also gain bullets when they level up.

(Continued in next post)

User Info: Manocheese

12 years ago#2
----------OROCHI AND SHO------------

Orochi and Sho are two NPC's who are initially your enemies. They CAN be your allies, however, if you accomplish certain goals in Story Mode. I am not exactly sure which battles must be won, but if you want Orochi or Sho to be your ally, you should try to win every battle against them, respectively. Also, certain users have claimed that Sho did not join them, even when they say they won every battle against him. If this happens, try the following:

1. Make sure you fight all the battles against Sho that you can, including the one right before the Flame Dragon battle. To unlock that battle, you must win all of the battles before it in Story Mode on that play.

2. Make sure you don't take an unnecessary amount of time in Story Mode. Some people claim to have Sho "leave" after appearing in certain battles. If this happens, try to beat Story Mode more quickly.

Also, Orochi is a girl. <_< Just to avoid any confusion.

----------DEATH BORGS/DEATH EYE----------

Death Borgs CAN be obtained, but are rare if you are in a low play number. Death Eye cannot possess borgs like it says in his profile.

----------FORTRESS BORGS----------

Fortress Borgs are large and impressive, and many new players jump to the conclusion that you cannot obtain them. This is untrue. Fortress borgs are just like any other borg and can be obtained, although they are not easily obtained in the first play through.

---------G BLACK/GALACTIC EMPEROR----------

G Black is a promotional character that was given away at a Capcom convention in Japan. He can no longer be obtained legally. Galactic Emperor is the final boss. The ONLY way to obtain him is through Action Replay.

Recently, Action Replay Codes have been discovered to obtain these borgs. You can find them here:

Here are videos of G Black and Galactic Emperor, all of which were made by Yoshi6400:

(Continued in next post)

User Info: Manocheese

12 years ago#3
------------COMBINED BORGS/FUSING---------------

You can't get data crystals for combined borgs. You have to fuse two borgs by entering Hyper Mode(pressing Y) when two borgs that can be combined are allies on the field at the same time.

The combinations are:
Machine Red & Machine Blue = Cyber Machine Seiryu
Machine Red & Cyber Atlas = Cyber Machine Byakko
Cyber Mars & Machine Blue = Cyber Machine Genbu
Cyber Mars & Cyber Atlas = Cyber Machine Suzaku
Machine Head & Mechanical Dragon = Machine Dragon
Death Head & Cyber Dragon = Cyber Death Dragon

They're all extremely powerful, but you can only use them for about half a minute at a time. The ones with Cyber Atlas are generally less effective than the others because they are constantly firing remote beams (if you have a computer ally), which make your enemy invincible and don't do much damage. This can prevent your X Charge attack from doing damage.

Also, the borgs listed on the left (Cyber Mars, Machine Red, etc.) are always on top of the combined borg, and therefore influence the color. For example, if you have a black Machine Head and your ally has a normal Mechanical Dragon then you fuse, you'll create a shadow Machine Dragon.

If you have a computer ally, your ally will control the B attacks of the borgs listed in the middle (Machine Blue, Cyber Atlas, etc.), while you will control everything else.

If you fuse with a human ally, things get kind of complicated. Players using the borgs listed on the left will control the movement, certain attacks, and melee attacks of the fused borg. Players using the borgs listed in the middle will control certain attacks. Every fused borg has a very powerful X charge move. Both players will control this, meaning that both will have to have the attack fully charged and release X at the same time. I'll detail the attacks of each fused borg.

Cyber Machine Seiryu: Machine Red can fire lasers with B, buster lasers with X.
Machine Blue can fire missiles with B.

Cyber Machine Byakko: Machine Red can fire lasers with B, buster lasers with X.
Cyber Atlas can fire remote beams with B, although this is not recommended.

Cyber Machine Genbu: Cyber Mars can fire double lasers with B, buster lasers with X. Machine Blue can fire missiles with B.

Cyber Machine Suzaku: Cyber Mars can fire double lasers with B, buster lasers with X. Cyber Atlas can fire remote beams with B, although this is not recommended.

Machine Dragon: Machine Head can fire lasers with B, Machine Destruction with B Charge. Mechanical Dragon can fire remote beams with B.

Cyber Death Dragon: Death Head can fire lasers with B, Cyber Destruction with B Charge. Cyber Dragon can fire remote beams with B.

-------------PLAY NUMBERS---------------

If your play counter stops at 8, it is NOT a glitch. It is meant to do that. Your game is perfectly fine.

--------------UNLOCKABLES AND EXTRA G/NEO G REDS-----------

You can unlock extra G Reds and Neo G Reds, among other things, by doing the following things:

Beat Play 1: Unlock ability to fight without a partner
Beat Play 2: Unlock Special Option
Beat Play 3: Unlock G Red
Beat Play 4: Unlock alternate G Red
Beat Play 5: Unlock crystal G Red
Beat Play 6: Unlock silver G Red
Beat Play 7: Unlock gold G Red
Beat Play 8: Unlock black G Red

The following tasks should be done in the order listed.

Beat Play 8 a second time: Unlock black Neo G Red
Beat Play 7 a second time: Unlock gold Neo G Red
Beat Play 6 a second time: Unlock silver Neo G Red
Beat Play 5 a second time: Unlock crystal Neo G Red

Alternate Neo G Red does not exist. This has been proven to be fact and is non-negotiable.

(Continued in next post)

User Info: Manocheese

12 years ago#4
-----------------DATA CRYSTALS----------------

Some borgs must be constructed with data crystals before they can be used. These data crystals look like this:


The N indicates that it is a normal data crystal. There are 6 different types of data crystals, listed below.


So, you could get the data crystal N162A, or you could get A162A, C162A, S162A, G162A, or B162A. These letters represent the color of the borg. Borg colors are
covered in section 3.1.4

162 is the borg's number. Every borg has a number, all 206 of them. 162 refers to Sekhmet Witch.

The last part of the example, the A, refers to the type. When you look at a data crystal's spec screen, it tells you how many crystals you need to form the borg. Say you have an N162A. You will also need an N162B and an N162C in order to form a Sekhmet Witch, because Sekhmet Witch takes 3 data crystals, as found in N162A's specs. The most data crystals that any borg needs is five. However, only three borgs in the game take this many.

Don't be fooled, though. Just because a borg takes a lot of data crystals to create, it doesn't mean it is harder to get than a borg that takes less crystals. The converse is also true. If a borg only takes a few crystals, it isn't necessarily easier to get than a borg that takes a lot of crystals.

When you find all the crystals necessary to create a borg after a battle, the borg is automatically created and the crystals deleted.

----------OBTAINING BORGS-----------

Borgs are obtained after beating battles. If you fight a borg during a battle, there is a chance you can get it after the battle. While some say that you must strike the final blow on a borg during a battle with it to have a chance at getting that borg after the battle, my personal experience has proven otherwise. However, you may not always receive a full borg after a battle. You may instead get a "data crystal."

The chance that you'll find a crystal or borg after battle is determined by the borg's rarity. A borg (or a crystal, for that matter) can have a rarity of S, A, B, C, or D. S is the rarest, D is the least. The higher the rarity, the lower the chance of getting that borg or crystal after a battle.

--------------BORG LOCATIONS/ELUSIVE BORGS---------------

If you don't know where to find a borg (other than G Red, Neo G Red, G Black, or Galactic Emperor), check out Fury Hikari's FAQ:

Press Ctrl+F and type the borg's name.

Here is a list of some elusive borgs along with their locations:

Death Borg Gamma II:

Cooperate With Tetsuya To Retake The Construction Zone

Death Borg Beta III:

Defeat The Death Borg Unit

Victory Baron/Demon Wing:

The End Of Death Commander Tama (Yellow Version)

Victory Duke:

Defeat the Combined Machine Borgs (Construction Zone)

Machine Head/Mechanical Dragon:

Defeat The Death Force Unit (red, Stone River)

-------------GF ENERGY---------------

You can increase your GF Energy in Story Mode by beating battles. In Special Mode, you always have a limit of 2200.

In Challenge Mode, you get either 1500, 2000, or 2500, depending on what difficulty you are playing in. In Versus Mode, the maximum amount of GF Energy can be altered, but the highest the counter will go is equal to the GF Energy of your most expensive force.

(Continued in next post)

User Info: Manocheese

12 years ago#5

If you win a battle, all the borgs you used gain 2 experience. If you lose or quit, all the borgs you used gain 1 experience. Most borgs level up at these intervals:

Level 1: 0 Experience
Level 2: 10 Experience
Level 3: 30 Experience
Level 4: 60 Experience
Level 5: 100 Experience
Level 6: 150 Experience
Level 7: 210 Experience
Level 8: 280 Experience
Level 9: 360 Experience
Level 10: 450 Experience

Some level up at exactly half that rate, and some exactly double. When a borg levels up, it gains health and some gain bullet capacity.

---------------CHALLENGE MODE-----------

You do not gain anything from Challenge Mode. It is just for fun.

----------------STORY MODE HELP--------------

Some battles in Story Mode are difficult your first time through. Here are strategies for some of them:

Battle With Sho:

Use G Red's G Buster from behind one of the stumps. It takes a while, but Sho won't be able to hit you if done correctly.

NOTE: I suggest losing this battle your first time through Story Mode. You'll see some content that you wouldn't otherwise.

The Death Commander Orochi Appears:

There really is no point to beating this battle in the first play. If you do, you'll rob yourself of the opportunity to fight a battle that you wouldn't get to otherwise which happens to be the only battle where TWO borgs, Victory Baron and Demon Wing, are guaranteed to appear. You won't have a problem with this battle in your second play, so it's in your best interest to lose your first time around.

Defeat a Death Commander:

Use a Revolver Gunman. Run around in wide circles and shoot, making sure not to run into anything. Kill the unnamed Beam Satellites (the ones that DON'T say Tama) first. You won't get much or at all until Death Arc comes out. Make sure to have some strong borgs backing Revolver Gunman up to kill Death Arc.

The Final Battle! Defeat the Galactic Emperor:

This battle can be tough on your first play. Your best bet is to stick every Gatling Tank you have on your force along with Neo G Red and any other fast borgs you can afford. If you just simply cannot seem to beat the battle, train in the two missions that reappear until you can make a larger force.

----------------WIRE GIRL------------------

Wire Girl's wire can be retracted by quickly pressing X twice.

Well, there you go. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

User Info: Manocheese

12 years ago#6
Make sure this doesn't get purged before it's stickied. <_<
"I am the best character. Use me!" - MrSpelling - Great Gotcha Force site!

User Info: Manocheese

12 years ago#7
By the way, PLEASE do NOT ask questions about the game in this topic. This is a topic with answers, but not a topic to post questions about the game in. If you have a question, make sure you have checked this topic, then make a new topic.
"I am the best character. Use me!" - MrSpelling - Great Gotcha Force site!

User Info: Manocheese

12 years ago#8
"I am the best character. Use me!" - MrSpelling - Great Gotcha Force site!

User Info: Manocheese

12 years ago#9
"I LOVE YOU!!! (Not literally of course)" - SundarkSoldier - Great Gotcha Force site!

User Info: Manocheese

12 years ago#10
Bump... Again.
"I LOVE YOU!!! (Not literally of course)" - SundarkSoldier - Great Gotcha Force site!
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