How did the old World of Darkness end?

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User Info: Shubop

7 years ago#1

So could someone give an explanation on how the original World of Darkness ended, or atleast what scenarios it had (if they differed with each book)? I never got my hands on these so I'm just curious.

User Info: cogadh

7 years ago#2

User Info: vlado_e

7 years ago#3
Mage and Werewolf had 4 more (IIRC) each in separate books - Ascension and Apocalypse, respectively. The other games (except Wraith and Orpheus) all got one ending scenario each which were squeezed in one book simply called Time Of Judgement. There were also a Time of Judgement trilogy of novels (one for each Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage) which followed several characters while the world ended. The novels didn't seem to confirm any of the scenarios, though, as the story is told as the characters see it and most of the things are mostly hinted at rather than fully revealed.

All in all, the end of oWoD can be summed up as:
1. Everything is going to hell.
2. Power struggle of enormous proportions.
3. A lot of the supernatural is simply obliterated (if not worse).
4. S*** hits the fan.
5. The End.

Some suggested endings are more subtle, while others tear down the Masquerade/Veil/Masquerade-analogue to shreds but the result is mostly not pretty.

If you wish, I can try to do a brief resume of each of the Vampire ending scenarios, and I can also do the same for Mage, as these are the ones I've read.
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User Info: Spen

7 years ago#4
I would be very interested in brief explanation.
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User Info: vlado_e

7 years ago#5
Here's a summary for the Vampire ending scenarios:

In short, the characters, along with 20-40 other vampires, IIRC, are chosen by God to go to an abandoned church. There a gargoyle (Ferox) with True Faith 9 and a dhampir girl (Alia), explain that God has given them a chance for redemption, no matter how evil they may have acted. They must stay in the church for 40 nights. The ST is encouraged to run all sorts of morality tests on them in the meantime, like an old lady who accidentally goes to the church during the day and thinks the sleeping people inside are some sort of gang and threatens them that she's going to call the police, or a man who decides to use the roof of the church as a suicide jump point.
At the same time, every other vampire on Earth gets progressively weaker with each passing night until they are all die around the end the end of the 40 nights.
And finally, after the 40 nights end on the next sunrise, the eastern wall of the church crumbles and the sun shines on the vampires inside. Whoever God (or more likely, his nearest representative - the ST) judges is not redeemed is immediately burned by the sun to ash, while everyone else find that they are now human - the Curse lifted from them.

Fair is Foul
Lilith is in town and she starts raising hell. A bit subtly, not in the lets-concentrate-on-blowing-up-the-Masquerade way. She also has some allies among which a vampire about as mad as Malkav, the Brujah Antediluvian (he escaped Troile bygoing forward in time with Temporis), and several others. What Lilith does includes calling some sea ..."creatures" that invade the sewers, and later the coast (where the players should hold them back), also she goes and attacks the Shadowlands in order to destroy Abel. All in all, her plan is to draw Caine's attention so he comes out and confronts her. The characters will either help her, help Caine or ally themselves with the Lasombra Antediluvian (oh yeah, they can do so). If Lasombra wins, he sacrifices Lilith in a ritual to fully transform him into shadow (so he can climb up in the hierarchy of the Abyss...). If Lilith wins, Caine dies and all vampires in the world perish soon after, although very high generation ones, and those embraced less than 50 years ago stand a chance of surviving. The ghouls also revert to humans, and so on - Vitae just perishes.

This one is more higher fantasy than normal:
First, the characters along with Jan Pieterzoon, have to fight something that is big, bad, ugly and an Antediluvian (Tzimisce). They manage to drive it back but the Masquerade is destroyed, as there were people who saw and some even filmed it.

Pieterzoon, was an important guy in the Camarilla, but now he knows that Gehenna is real, so he forms a new faction, whose plan is to try to stop/prevent Gehenna. Sasha Vykos even joins in at one point. The characters have to travel all over the world to gather vital clues, and do other stuff to help. This includes, seeking Caine, killing the Tzimisce Anediluvian (they have help from Tremere, I don't mean the clan.), trying to prevent [Lasombra] from rising, travelling to Kaymakli, seeking the Second City, finding Saulot, and so on.

In the end, every Antediluvian rises and they all collectively decide to take over the world. They raise and army of their progeny and at one point, they start passing "judgement" to all the other vampires. That is, more or less "If you don't join us - die". The characters, along with Saulot, are brought there for judgement as well, but Saulot manages to sacrifice himself to atone for the sins of Caine and all the Antediluvians die.
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User Info: vlado_e

7 years ago#6
Finally, The Crucible of God
It's grittier and a bit more realistic perhaps:

The Masquerade ends. In a bit more "mundane" way than battling a towering monstrosity - the characters unknowingly are filmed/seen when they do something obviously supernatural (Duscipline/feeding/surviving a gunshot) and this piece of evidence manages to be taken seriously. The vampires are uncovered and...well the reaction isn't that first. Then nasty secrets are uncovered and a war begins.

Then the Antediluvians rise and it's not pretty:

Typhon (Set) doesn't actually manage to rise. The Setites tried calling him but it doesn't work and they commit suicide.

[Tzimisce] has grown and grown and grown, since his "diablerie". He is now an enormous organism that devours other into himself thanks to Vicissitude.

Absimiliard ([Nosferatu]) has used his vitae, animalism and years and years of breeding animals until he has some seriously scary ghoul animals. He actually has one BIG one, which can go around during the day and devour Kindred. While Absimiliard is in its stomach and diablerizes the poor vampire.

Haqim is ironically somewhat softer than the others - he sends his progeny to try and talk other vampire into joining him. Failing that they still diablerize the unbelievers, though.

Malkav wakes. He takes over a lot of his childer driving them even madder. A lot madder. Also, mortals may go down under his influence and they form a semi-feral "gangs" which roam the land kill and eat other mortals and howl at the moon. And every "uninfluenced" Malkavian, that comes close to an "influenced" one risks surrendering his will to Malkav. Something kills Malkav, though. It's not revealed what, but he is destroyed and his Kindred "victims" may be able to be brought back to their senses. The mortals are lost, though.

[Lasombra] - darkness engulfs the Earth and hides the sun. For three weeks. It gets cold, to say the least. After three weeks, suddenly [Lasombra] dies by unknown means.

The Shaper is an Antediluvian without a clan. She just never sired anyone but now emerges from hiding and comes across the characters. She doesn't reveal what she is at first but then, she manages to destroy Abismiliard.

Ennoia ([Gangre]) has done a hardcore earth melding and now controls the Earth - earthquakes and so on are hers to control. She strikes several times against other ancients but once they no longer trouble her, she stops.

Tremere goes to the characters and asks them for help, because he has a plan to stop everything. He needs help in conducting a ritual with which he'll try to Dominate the world. His plan is to order everyone to go out in the sunlight. Everyone. This would kill all Kindred, including the Antediluvians, but spare the mortals. Using Blood of Potency, he lowers his generation to 2 before the ritual, so that he can Dominate even the Antes. The first part of the ritual goes as planned - he manages to reach every human and once human being on Earth and when he attempts to speak the command he chokes and...
We do what we must / because we can. / For the good of all of us. / Except the ones who are dead.

User Info: vlado_e

7 years ago#7
[Tzimisce] strikes. See, he is a bad boy, he can take over the bodies of everyone, who is Tazimisce, who has shared blood with a Tzimisce, who knows Vicissitude, who has been affected by Vicissitude, and IIRC, the mortal descendants of the last 3 groups up to the 3 or so generation. Scary, right? Oh, and the Tremere clan used Tzimisce blood to become vampires. Every Tremere is just as viable to be taken over as are the others mentioned before. Tremere himself was no exception, after he managed to symbolically touch every being on Earth [Tzimisce] uses that to turn all of them at once. Everyone goes into Horrid Form. Everyone. Except the characters, who, thanks to the ritual, were shielded.

As the characters flee they meet an old man who tells them, he can stop this but again their help is needed.

Saulot leads them to a church and explains that [Tzimisce] is virtually immortal, as he now lives in everyone on Earth, the one way it can be defeated is to confront it's spirit. Saulot says that he manages to keep the taint away, but can release it, and the characters must allow themselves to be diablerized. Saulot would protect their souls while they try to plead God for help.

If they succeed, everyone is back to normal and the characters are the only vampires surviving. Or not, they may be cured from vampirism it's ST's choice.
We do what we must / because we can. / For the good of all of us. / Except the ones who are dead.

User Info: Shubop

7 years ago#8
The Crucible of God sure had alot of twists.

User Info: Flint_a

7 years ago#9
In Fair is Foul, what happens if Caine wins?

User Info: vlado_e

7 years ago#10
^ not stated actually. I was a bit surprised myself. The odds are against him mostly but still, I don't know why WW decided to not list his win option.

And here's the Mage scenarios. I was going to post them here sooner, but I was a bit busy today (or yesterday if it strikes your fancy:

The characters go back and fourth revealing ancient secrets and uncovering some truths, while the Red Star grows bigger. Also at one point they discover a way to protect themselves from the Avatar storm. Which comes in handy, when several months later, the Gauntlet starts falling apart, and the Avatar storms seeps the face of Earth, killing any Awakened it comes in contact with. In a really painful manner. But also, due to the collapse, the Umbra meshes more with Earth and the Consensus is pretty much shattered and almost nonexistant. People start massive Awakenings, and the Technocrasy attempts to prevent that, mostly by abducting the newly Awakened.

The Traditions are not happy and decide that "Well, everything is going to hell anyway, let's smash the Technocrasy" and a open war begins. The Marauders plan to destroy the victors, though and the characters uncover that. They even manage to go to the Technocracy's Control. Only to find that it's a sort of shared mass hivemind, which consists of every Technocrat who rose high enough in hierarchy. Ironically, the Technocrasy's best have always been subsimed in the hivemind, because Control is formed by the belief of the rest of the Technocracy. At any rate, the characters, should be able to use Control to call off the Technocracy and to prepare for a shared front against the Marauders.

Worse yet, Voormas (a mad non-Marauder Euthanatos, whose madness has has led him to a new level of fear of death) is going to destroy the very concept of death. The characters must stop him while the rest of the mages on Earth (Traditions and Technocrasy alike) try to stop the Marauders. If they succeed in stopping Voormas, the Avatars he would have used for the spell, escape and seek out their human counterparts. The whole world Awakens. And the whole world Ascends - every mage finds Ascension according to his or her beliefs and the Marauders are shunted away in the Umbra, where each is given a universe that corresponds to their views.

The Revolution Will be Televised
Seen from the Technocracy's point of view. Things start happening. Dimensional rifts are opening at random and agents must be relocated to lock them down. Control sends orders that don't contradict previous plans, but do lead to a shift in the focus. Then Control is suddenly silenced for a while (Avatar storm most likely) and after a while it starts issuing more orders, bringing yet again some shift in focus. Not in a bad way, but Reality Deviants are mostly left alone, while the Union deals with other matters and spirit intrusions.

Quantium (Avatar) shards descent on Earth and some freaky Dimensional Storms start happening, while the Technocracy scrambles to assess the situation and prepare for adequate response. Some agents even go rogue and attempt new Procedures, which were normally unthinkable - stopping bullets and so on. Dark Matter (Paradox) backlashes destroy most offenders. The Technocracy is divided into two and a war between these groups starts. The Unionists support the original plan of the Order of Reason - every man must be a master of his own fate. The Loyalists, on the other hand, are for the possibly darker Technocracy dogma of asserting controlling of the reality.
We do what we must / because we can. / For the good of all of us. / Except the ones who are dead.
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