Calling Dr. Grout?

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User Info: rave_001

9 years ago#1
This is really the only quest in the game that I absolutly loathe, and was wondering if there was a code to skip it like there was for the Oceanhouse quest. I've been searching on Google but haven't found anything.

I'd apprieciate any help...:)
GT: Sizzle188

User Info: Yuna_Firerose

9 years ago#2
Hmm. To my knowledge, no.

However, I feel your pain about certain levels. I myself *always* No-Clip through those horrid Warrens. I also no-clip through Ghost House for the reasons posted elsewhere (scary the first time, afterwards becomes tedious) I'm going to play it through fully soon, though, as it has been a while (and that head in the dryer? always gets to me)

Oh, um, what was the topic? Right, no-clipping. I suppose you could. You'd miss out on xp for solving all the puzzles--but, then again, if you're using the console to no-clip (or "skip levels"), then you likely wouldn't object to using the giftxp command, either.

If you need help enabling the console, let me know =)

User Info: f4rM

9 years ago#3
I actually like all of the missions, and only noclip if my computer begins to kick the bucket. I've had to use godmode once or twice due to dropping to 3 fps and unable to actually fight whatever it was. But I don't cheat otherwise :D

User Info: muaythaifighter

9 years ago#4
Yeah warrens one sucks probably the most.

for the haunted house one once you walk through the front door save it, then run and jump the staircase to go straight to the second level, it saves you so much of that level, if you fail and fall down the stairs as they collapse load up and try again, it cuts so much of that level out.

Sorry can't help ya with grouts one

User Info: PhoenixNine

9 years ago#5
=\ Grouts is easy and not at all that long.
~The Judgement~

User Info: Bikermouse

9 years ago#6
ok. seriously. why does everybody hate the warrens, its not that much of a maze. use instinct and actively (but not too active :P i has to stay fun, right?) try to remember the path you chose. its a bit long, maybe, but not difficult or anything...
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User Info: muaythaifighter

9 years ago#7
i've played this game so so so many times, i remember the warrens and know my way through it, but its just so long, and i just don't like that level, don't like what you fight either.

User Info: rave_001

9 years ago#8
Thanks for the replies. :)

I really don't even know why I dislike this quest so much, I just can't stand it. lol. The Warrens aren't...that bad, but I've only played that particular mission once.

And I completely forgot about no-clipping! I'll do that, thanks.
GT: Sizzle188

User Info: Yuna_Firerose

9 years ago#9
>>"try to remember the path you chose. its a bit long, maybe, but not difficult or anything..."<<
This is hard to do when every wall and every floor texture looks exactly the same. At one point I got marking places by blood splatters; it was that bad.

The level irritates me mainly because it goes on for far too long. After defeating Andrei (I believe that is his name?), the player should be eager to meet with these Nosferatu. But, first, we must travel through the sewers, defeat about a hundred of Andrei's puppets. Multiple times I've reached the one area - the circular door that opens via nearby computers - only to not have the necessary card and backtrack.

I read somewhere that even the developers thought the area went on for too long. I'm not sure where I read that, some interview, so take it with a grain of salt really.

I should note that, aside from the Warrens, the only other time I primarily use no-clip is in Downtown, when travelling from end of the map to the other. (Say, from Confessions to Last Round).

No-clip is recommended, even only for the amusement factor. I'm the sort of geek who likes looking at the maps from far away; really helps you appreciate the game even more. Also, its interesting to note the location of things; I believe the Downtown sewers is located *above* the main map.

User Info: RollingSkull

9 years ago#10
The sewers suck. The only way anyone could like that level is if they love how repetitive it is.
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