Best first-playthrough clan?

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User Info: RandomChimp

9 years ago#11
lol just lol

malk = best clan (but don't do them for first playthru)
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User Info: jddaman2

9 years ago#12
:( No Malkavian love.
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User Info: Tailas444

9 years ago#13

Dude, Malkavians are one of the best clans, IMHO. I love playing Malkavians in this game. The game is slightly (and I mean SLIGHTLY) different for Malks than it is for other clans. If you play a Malk, when you first get to your Haven, turn on the tv and listen the the newscaster for a while. He'll say some interesting stuff at one point. Dementation is a fun Discipline, especially when you can use it during conversation.

And what's better than arguing with a stop sign? I nearly peed myself the first time it happened.

Long live Malkav!

User Info: JosieJ

9 years ago#14
Tremere are very flexible and adaptable to whatever your style of play is. Plus, Thaumaturgy rocks!

I'd save the Malk playthrough for a second (or third!) playthrough, as their dialogue is so different and sometimes hard to figure out. If you've gone through the game before with normal dialogue, you'll have a better idea of what's going on when you play again as a Malk. They're great fun, though: you simply must play as one at least once!

User Info: Psazum

9 years ago#15
i don't know. i prefer to save malk playthrough for the last, not as early as second or third. because after playing as a malkavian, the other clans' dialogues will seem so.. vanilla. that's make some people lose interest (including me!)
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User Info: Lonerwise

9 years ago#16
My first toon was a Malkavian and I ended up playing a Ventrue instead because it was my first playthrough and Malkavian dialogue didn't make much sense to me so I didn't really know what was going on. I'd play something else first so you get the jist of what's going on then play a Malkavian afterwards. Don't get me wrong, Malkavians are hilarious, they just obscure the game on a first playthrough. At least they did for me. :P

User Info: Monopoman

9 years ago#17
I think Tremere is a decent clan as long as you focus on good old Thaumaturgy you can take out people easy.

High Sneak+Blood Boil+Stealth Kills+Stealth Feeding=Win

There are other things to focus on obviously but those 4 together if you like being stealthy are great.

Crap Obfuscate+Thaumaturgy is ridiculous thank god you can only get that by cheating lol.

Really storyline is the same for everyone nearly except malkavians/nosferatu so pick the powers you like best.

User Info: tony

9 years ago#18
No one is hating on the Malks, they're just saying they're terrible for first run through, and they're right.

Go anyone except Malk first run through, that way when you do hear the insane insight of the Malks you'll actually get it, and it's all the more entertaining.
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User Info: What_The_Chris

9 years ago#19
Gangrels are the best choice for a noob IMO. The combat and the disciplines make things too easy at times, just hack, slash and do that bat drain discipline thing (darn, mind blockage FTL)
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