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User Info: G4me4ddict

8 years ago#1
Ok I know everyone hears this alot but what is everyones opinion on the best over all clan to play? I guess maybe Ill end up playing them all but Im wondering what to start with and having all kinds of trouble deciding.

Please go to the below link! Its a really fun game!! Visit every day =)

User Info: Ron_Race

8 years ago#2
First time through I'd suggest Brujah or Torelador, very fun to use, good offensive skills so if you make a mistake you can usually fight your way out.
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User Info: Flint_a

8 years ago#3
Malkavian is pretty good in every situation, but you don't want one as your first character cause the "insight" spoils everything. Tremere is fun and powerful, but not very easy to use, so you might not want to start with that. I think Brujah or Ventrue would be easy choices.

User Info: Psazum

8 years ago#4
my first time was a toreador since i always think that's how a vampire should be (too much anne rice, i guess). and i did fine, especially when i knew i could talk my way out of several situation i didn't want to deal the hard way.

the second time, i pick ventrue, but lose interest soon, because dominate and persuasion doesn't seem really different to me. so i ended up using tremere. that blood magick is something, alright.

third time's a charm, they say. and i chose... a malk. sure enough, not only he's charmed me, but demented me as well.

bottom line is, go your own way, just stay away from malk or nossie if this is your first time
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User Info: Talic0201

8 years ago#5
Go Ventrue. Acquiring blood might be a slightly more difficult, but you take less damage while causing your enemy to deal less damage so you can just annihilate everything.
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User Info: Craiggg

8 years ago#6
I originally played as Nosferatu which was ok but didn't like that you have to stay in hiding most of the time. Now playing as Malkavian and enjoying it more and also the malkavian's responses to questions are pretty hillarious sometimes.

User Info: Talic0201

8 years ago#7
I never hide as a Nossie. The only Masquerade Violations are from cops.
Remembering can only lead to suffering.

User Info: angelkadaj

8 years ago#8
Try with the malkavian, they are really the best. You'll talk wit the stop sigh, and near the end of the game the guy from the tv will tell you not so funny joke about a fish :roll:. They are kinda insane. While I played with the malkavian (female), I remember that once I replied with : The night is as cold as a woman wronged. Lolz it was not connected with anything. Anyways they are funny ones.

User Info: Psazum

8 years ago#9
malk is nice, but definitely not recomenned for a first time.
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User Info: Flint_a

8 years ago#10
Yeah, you pretty much learn EVERYTHING way before you should. The moment you see Jeanette, you know what's going on, for example. Malk is a MUST, but not the first time, espeically if you're playing without help from guides.

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