So, favorite clan?

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User Info: PhoenixNine

8 years ago#1
Been a while since one of these topics popped up, so might as well.

I can't rightly decide, actually. I like Toreador, Tremere, Malkavian and Gangrel. >_>

Toreador because they're just fun to play, in and out of combat. Malkavians are just hilarious. Nothing like a crazy Gangrel in a fight, had some awesome moments there. And Tremere...well...I'm a sucker for Blood Boil. Whee!
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User Info: JosieJ

8 years ago#2
Just recently returned to this game after a lengthy time away and I'd forgotten how much I loved it! I've at least tried all the clans. My favorite is Tremere (still!), but I liked all of them except Nosferatu and Brujah. Just couldn't get into it with those two.

User Info: DokEnkephalin

8 years ago#3
The Malkavian was the only one I didn't get bored with before finishing the game. They have the very best lines! It reminded me of Delirium from the Sandman series.

STOP sign: STOP.
Malkavian: No, YOU StOp!
STOP sign: ...
Malkavian: No, YOU StOp!
STOP sign: ...
Malkavian: YoU'vE MaDe A pOwErFuL eNeMy ThIs DaY, sIgN!

User Info: Auron66

8 years ago#4
Clan Malkavian, the insanity makes the world that much brighter. I mean, talking with a stop-sign, a television and the great sentences which somewhat hold poetry inside...

<3 love them
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User Info: Psazum

8 years ago#5
who doesn't?
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User Info: ronnet

8 years ago#6
I'm on my second playthrough atm so I couldn't say which one I like best yet but Malkavians sound like a lot of fun. Do you need certain skills to get their lines? Or are they regular white linesthat are just uniue to them?

User Info: Flint_a

8 years ago#7
Their "regular" lines are usually crazy as well, but a couple of points in Dementation is definitely necessary to make the game a lot of fun.

User Info: Psazum

8 years ago#8
yeah, extra dots in dementation means extra (crazy) lines.
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User Info: Glenn_Urban

8 years ago#9
Brujah, baby, Brujah.
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User Info: Psazum

8 years ago#10
okay, here's my analysis.

malkavian is everybody's favourite. for the second favourite it depends on your preferences. if you read a lot of anne rice, you'd probably picked toreador, since lestat is clearly one. on the other hand, if you grew up playing thief or tenchu, you'd probably prefer a nosferatu (if the costumes don't put you off first), and the rest still follow the same pattern.

what do you guys think?
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