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User Info: Godsmack76

8 years ago#1

how do i get the fortitude discipline i have only the official patch not any of the unofficial patches if anyone can help me thanks

User Info: UrielsJudgement

8 years ago#2
Play as either Gangrel of Ventrue
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User Info: Godsmack76

8 years ago#3

well one of the walkthroughs doesn't say you have to be a certain clan to get the feats of disciplines so i doubt it has to be a specific clan you have to be part of if this is true well i'll let that person know and ask them they might wanna add anote on that

User Info: DiuCadit

8 years ago#4
You can cheat to get it as any clan. But as the previous poster stated, only Ventrue and Gangrel have it normally.

User Info: Psazum

8 years ago#5
to TC: let me guess, your 'period' button is broken?
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