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User Info: Lipdomination

6 years ago#1
Hello guys. I've recently dug around in my pile of old game and come up with Vampire: The Masquerade. As I remember loving it on my playthrough years ago, I decided to play through again with all the bells and whistles the awesome community have come out with.

In your opinions, which mods do you think would be a good to get the best possible first experience. From doing a little bit of research, I've picked up the Unofficial patch 7.5, Clan Quest Mod 2.1 and Camarilla Edition 1.4. Are there any other notable mods/bugfixes that I should get?

Also, is the Vampire Companion mod any fun?

User Info: wesp5

6 years ago#2
You can play the first tree mods you mentioned by installing the Clan Quest mod, which is based on the UP and includes the CE. The companion mod is a different story and very good too, only it's not compatible to the rest right now. It will be included into the next Clan Quest mod though soon, so you might want to play The Final Nights in the meantime which is another big mod starring completely new clans and features!

User Info: Lipdomination

6 years ago#3
Hi there, thanks for the reply. Hehe yeah, I figured that out as soon as I ran the Clan Quest Mod. Made me feel a bit dumb for downloading the UP and Camarilla separate.

Have guns been made significantly more powerful btw? I remember them feeling rather weak or maybe my memory is just bad.

User Info: roddyrod

6 years ago#4
Guns start off weak, but by the time you raise your skill in them enough and pick up some of the later weapons (like the Steyr AUG), they're rather silly-powerful, but this isn't a very difficult game as a whole so it hardly matters. The only legitimate improvement would be making the .38 not blow goats.

User Info: Flint_a

6 years ago#5
In the Clan Quest Mod, they are better, yes. I think it's either the Camarilla Edition or the Arsenal Mod in it that does it. However, the enemies are smarter and they also have the same more powerful weapons as well, so be careful.

User Info: Pandaren Emperor

Pandaren Emperor
6 years ago#6
but that also means better ammo for you to pick up after you kill them :)
In war, victory. In peace, vigilence. In death, sacrifice. --- Grey Warden Motto.

User Info: Flint_a

6 years ago#7

What I like to do as a Malk is break the Masquerade a couple times. Then hunters start appearing in corners. I turn on Auspex to know where they are. Then I turn on Obfuscate and sneak up. I Dementate the guy with the rifle, because he's tough. THEN I KILL THEM BOTH. And usually drain the girl.

Boom, I have a Dragon's Breath. And the melee weapon is decent too, not like the silly torches in vanilla.

User Info: Pandaren Emperor

Pandaren Emperor
6 years ago#8
lol, I gotta try that, never consicenceously broken masquerade before, and if I did, I try to reload, but since there are quite a few redemption points, I can get back to 5 later.

do the stores sell the ammo of the guns you own? I'd hate to get a dragon's breath this way, and not have the ammo to use it for long
In war, victory. In peace, vigilence. In death, sacrifice. --- Grey Warden Motto.

User Info: Flint_a

6 years ago#9
Yeah, stores sell ammo. I think you may need to sell your gun and buy it back once though.

You get more than enough redemption points, breaking it a couple of times makes for a more enjoyable game.

User Info: spinjunct

6 years ago#10
Anybody here ever try Offkorn's P&P mod? How does it stack up against the CE? I'm on my third CE playthrough and was thinking maybe the new clans in P&P would be fun to play.

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