How to use unofficial patch with Steam version

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User Info: Aquacello

5 years ago#1
So I just bought this on Steam and I am downloading the unofficial patch 7.8, and I was wondering if there is a certain method you have to use to update the game or if you can just run the patch and it will automatically install to the right place.

User Info: steker16

5 years ago#2
i installed it directly to the game folder in the steam directory, it worked fine. but there is some bug im coming across that i dont know if its related to the patch or not, but alot ground/wall/door/window textures are all fuzzy, like a TV with no signal fuzzy, white black static like

User Info: wesp5

5 years ago#3
This shouldn't happen. Be sure to turn automatic updates and community in Steam off, then patch again.

User Info: Hououin_Kyouma

5 years ago#4
I just got this on steam too and I'm not very good at installing patches. Could someone explain it to me?
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User Info: Powdered_Toast

5 years ago#5
So I turned off automatic updates, installed the patch, and played for a few days. I tried to play again today, and Steam had turned auto updates back on and won't let me turn them off. Can I do anything other than just keeping Steam in offline mode?
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User Info: vlado_e

5 years ago#6
Powdered_Toast, if you haven't yet, check out the other thread:
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  3. How to use unofficial patch with Steam version

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