Available memory less than 15MB!

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User Info: RandomHero

5 years ago#1
just bought and installed the game on Steam

installed the latest patch with the plus version

game won't boot and tells me "Available memory less than 15MB!" because I have more than 4GB memory

i've googled the issue and came across various websites addressing the issue, such as http://iain.cx/articles/bloodlines/index.html?part4

but can't understand or figure out what to do. I'd like to solve the problem without toggling the ram of my entire PC

User Info: gatechgamer

5 years ago#2
Are you running Windows 7 64-bit OS? If so, just right click on "vampire.exe" and change the file's compatibility to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)."

User Info: vlado_e

5 years ago#3
Install the Unofficial Patch:

In addition to the memory issue, it fixes a whole bunch of other stuff and if you install the Plus version (you get a choice when you launch it) - it even restores some content, like dialogue and a some quests.
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User Info: RandomHero

5 years ago#4
I already installed Unofficial English Patch 7.8a

gatechgamer thanks for the fast response. stupid question, but where can I find the .exe?

program files > Activision > Vampire - Bloodlines

takes me to the games folders, but I see no exe. just Bin, Extras, and Vampire. in the Extras subfolder there are some patch applications that I was able to switch to Windows XP (Service Pack 3), and I switched them to run as administrator while I was at it, but I still can't find the game .exe.

User Info: joefitts63

5 years ago#5
Steam installs games under its own directory structure. On my Win7 64 bit it is here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\vampire the masquerade - bloodlines
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User Info: RandomHero

5 years ago#6
thanks, that did the trick

after playing DX and hearing this game has some similarities I'm pretty excited about it
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