Mosin Nagant..?

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User Info: monki_fizz234

7 years ago#1
i fought the end and got his camo, then he stun-naded me and ran off. after that, i started to shoot him (for the first time) with my mk 22. i did not find the mosin nagant... where is it?
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User Info: MachineGryphon

7 years ago#2
If you beat him by reducing his stamina gauge, the Mosin should be where he dies, just at the bottom of the little slope which takes you up to the higher level. There should be a goat at the top of that slope, if that helps.

User Info: eviltelly

7 years ago#3
I just did this the other day and the Mosin wasn't near his death location ... it was sitting near the middle of one of the Sokroveno screens. I forget which one but I think it was West.

There's no guards in that area after you kill him, so you can just crash around with the thermal goggles on looking for a big spinning box :)

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