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9 years ago#1
Flames of Arnor, a recently created kinship, is looking for fellow adventurers from Landroval!

Who we want:
Respectful adventurers looking for fun and friends. We are accepting every ****and race. If you are interested in helping a new kinship grow bigger, please let us know! Newbies are welcome!

Currently, most of our members are in the 20s - low 30s. If your lower or new to the game, you are especially welcome! I level slowly as it is...

Playing Times:

We have an Oceanic Division - If you are oceanic, please consider Flames of Arnor. (We are doing all we can to accommodate all types of players.
Other than that we are EST / MST.
We typically play in the evenings on weekdays and most of the time on weekends.

Role Playing:
We are role-playing friendly - meaning we aren't in character 100% of the time, but we encourage RP! We have a separate channel for RP.

You can reach us at: http://www.tinyurl.com/2courk

(Please understand that we are new and are doing everything we can to improve - Especially our website! Please register on our website and use the forums to get to know more about us!)

The Flames of Arnor is a kinship on the Landroval server, started in January 2008 by a few people that wanted a new place to call home. The Flames are dedicated to bringing the most out of the LOTRO experience for all its members and providing a safe, fun, and non-adversarial gaming environment.


The Flames were founded in response to the movements of the Enemy in Eriador. A few that would stand up against the threat banded together, finding common purpose despite the years of antagonism or isolation their separate cultures endorsed.

A scholar of some repute was discussing his findings one night in the Prancing Pony to his contemporaries, loudly telling of his findings over mugs of ale. He found reference in the ancient Arnorian ruins at Minas Eriol tales of something called the Flame or Arnor, a weapon against the enemies of the elder nation. Overhearing this from their own table, the group of new friends decided to adopt this as their name. Dedicated to keeping the West free of the influence of the Enemy, the Flames of Arnor strike against their foes with the power of the ancient Kingdom.
______________________________ __________________________

I really hope you are interested in us.

Please contact me here / in-game (Falthir) / On our website (Guild Portal) for more information.

Let us walk together and vanquish evil from the lands of Middle Earth!

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