World Servers Down?

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User Info: EternalPhantom

7 years ago#1
Are the Worlds down because It won't let me select a world to start playing. =(

Is anyone else having this problem, I can't find server status website to check.

Anyways, excuse my english/grammar, thanks for help.
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User Info: Tyman360

7 years ago#2
It was saying that my account doesn't have a LOTRO subscrition.. but I was just playing like 20 minutes ago..

Just as I am typing this it allowed me to get to the server page, so it might be working now

User Info: Tyman360

7 years ago#3
Aww no it isnt working, now it says Unable to connect to World Queue. Please try again.

I guess too many people are starting to play it, since its the 1st day of F2P and right after everyone gets home from work

User Info: Dizzen

7 years ago#4
There's a LOTRO tab on this site that has a server status bit:

If that says the servers are up and you still are unable to connect, then make sure you are either using a new account created from the page (via that 'play for free!' sidebar thing), or a turbine account that was used to play the retail game in the past. An old beta account will not work, for example.

User Info: Daneshi1983

7 years ago#5
I think the servers are down for maintenance.
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User Info: Silverflash-x

7 years ago#6
It worked for me last night. Haven't tried this morning but it probably would.
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User Info: claymo3391

7 years ago#7
The servers went down at 9:00 AM EST for maintenance, but they're back up now.
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User Info: JackyM2010

7 years ago#8
Daneshi1983 posted...
I think the servers are down for maintenance.
PSN: Daneshi
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