Land Shark Quest?

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User Info: TheFamousCow

7 years ago#1
What is an easy way to kill it?
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User Info: leetcarrotz19

7 years ago#2
with a weapon
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User Info: bubbaX

7 years ago#3
wow that don't help

you need a SHARP weapon. - Me playing Sailor moon on piano watch it and comment! Would gladly appreciate it :).

User Info: leetcarrotz19

7 years ago#4
no, hammers work.

this reminds of that time in Way of the Samurai 3 when I murdered everyone with a stick. A STICK.
I have no heart to break.

User Info: FataSlaya

7 years ago#5
REAL men use their fists. Find a way.
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User Info: change4anickel

7 years ago#6
Sonic Bombs, a good lance (or other weapon you're comfortable with), and knowledge of his/their moves (can't remember if it's Cephalos or Cephadrome quest). Attack the body, dodge/block the tail whack, and make sure to use Cool Drinks as necessary. Easy victory once you know what to do.
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User Info: psyco_mg_68

7 years ago#7
hell, one sonic to bring him out then lance his ass. well his legs or his head. he can be done in 3 minutes after he is brought up.
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