why no sequal

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User Info: Prince_Ryu

5 years ago#1
how come they never came out with a sequel for for this amazing game?? i mean this is the greatest squad-based shooter i have ever played. when they announced halo reach my first thought was how awesome it would be if a squad based halo would play like this. unfortunately it didn't deliver the squad based mechanics i love.
and how come if they don't plan on making a sequel for this game they let the person that wrote the republic commando books to conclude sev's story? that would make so much more sense

User Info: Lawfish66

5 years ago#2
Same thoughts are carried with alot of us RC fans. I'm hoping for a sequel, and you might be able to help. Just put in a few posts in on the top topic and you'll be helping out. See, what I'm hoping for is that we get recognized by someone big and we could help influence LucasArts to get their shebs in gear and start making the sequel to this game. With todays game engines, I'm sur it'd be better than alot of the shooters they have nowadays
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