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User Info: grimrepa

8 years ago#1
Seriously isn't this probly the one game every one would be jumping onto marketplace to download. There's not many decent xbox originals to download just a few good games worth downloading. The last updates to the originals library were max payne 1 & 2 and that was months ago. I don't understand why this isn't being put out there like stubbs was. Stubbs is basically impossible to find a physical tangible copy anywhere but once they made it available as an original more and more people heard about it and enjoyed it. This could be the same situation with this game. What do you guys think?
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User Info: pwner63

8 years ago#2
yeah they need to make this an xbox original id download it imedeately.
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User Info: spongeliv

8 years ago#3

Maybe because Live and Reloaded wasn't exactly a hit? It took it a while to be backwards compatible too. Don't get me wrong though, I would love to see this become an original.

User Info: JM_Moon_Sey

8 years ago#4
I'd rather see the superior N64 version.
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User Info: therealthesteve

8 years ago#5
Ha, I've got both Stubbs and this on xbox. I think I might even have an N64 copy of this somewhere too, although my brother stole my N64 and took it to uni.

User Info: grimrepa

8 years ago#6
Haha whats does being a hit have to do with being an original. Have you taken a look at the originals library. Theres quite a few that make no sense as to why they are there. Sega soccer slam anyone
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User Info: spongeliv

8 years ago#7

Maybe I should have made my last post a bit more clear. It seems like Microsoft just doesn't like Conker. D: It took forever to make it backwards compatible, and just recently the company Rare was going to make a sequel and Microsoft said no. They just don't have faith in Conker because of the poor sales and mixed reviews. While the game you mentioned, isn't all that well known, it got good reviews and plus it's a sports game which are very popular with a lot of gamers. Well anyway, there have been rumors for a while about it being an original. Here's hoping! :)

User Info: phillyeagleflys

8 years ago#8
you have xbox games that drop f bombs. why did they censor this one worse than the original?
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User Info: spongeliv

8 years ago#9

From what I've heard, Walmart was the main reason why. They wouldn't sell the game unless they censored it. :| Wikipedia used to have a whole section about it. Looks like that article is gone now though... D:

User Info: XerxesTheWizard

8 years ago#10
I never really though this game sold too well, but I understand it. Too many people too easily offended. I for one loved it, and if I could find it, I would buy it again.
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