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User Info: Oritsu

8 years ago#1
I found my copy of this game recently and wanted to play online which I know noone does So I decided to come here and find some people who want to play some matches. Send me a friend's request on live if your intrested.
Xbox gamer tag: ArtificialRaven
PSN: ArtificialRaven

User Info: SlyCooper23

7 years ago#2
i will but my internet at my house wont be on for a week or so im at a friends send me a FR
i loved this game i wish i could have had it during its hay day seriously iv probably spent 10 days playing Chapter X never could finish it on einstein though
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User Info: iandalocust

7 years ago#3
Yo my gamertag is baited 666 add me and hit me up with a message sometime, I was extremely disappointed when I tried to play today and there were no games

User Info: jmd777

7 years ago#4
GT is GhostyAshes

Just bought this not even an hour ago in the hopes that people still played lol

User Info: gamemaster818

7 years ago#5
my gamer tag is gamemaster 212 if any one wants to play conker live and reloaded
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