Is there a glitch archive somewhere?

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User Info: Swan3624

7 years ago#1
Is there a website that shows all the glitches you can do in Conker: Live & Reloaded? When I'm playing with friends, we love to play around with glitches (never in competitive matches, of course. Just fooling around). I remember there are a ton of glitches in Conker.

However, I forget most of them, and how to do a lot of the ones I remember about.

I know how to get on top of Beach Dead, the bottom of Castle von Tedistein, into the cannon on Beach Dead, and... that's all I remember how to do.

What I remember, but forget how to do, are:

- Infinite Snoopa Glitch
- Instant Recharge for Defense Stance
- Get out of TMS Spamono
- Skyjockey on any map (I think?)
- Getting out of any other levels
- I think there was a glitch that had something to do with getting under the Tediz spawn point on Castle von Tedisten, but I may be thinking of something different
- "Holy Land" patch of grass on top of Beach Dead that doesn't kill you when you touch it

Again, I have fun doing glitches with friends, and it's fun to explore outside of levels by myself, and I never use glitches in actual matches.

But is there an archive somewhere that has all the glitches in Conker: Live & Reloaded?

Bonus question (been doing this a lot lately.. hm..) - Are there any websites that show glitches you can do in single-player for any games?
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User Info: Some_Anchovies

7 years ago#2
Well, most of the veterans and classy players don't want anyone to learn these glitches because of what people do with them. So as far as I know there isn't any list or anything.

I won't tell you any glitches (I really don't know any anyway. Never wanted to know them) but any noob online will show you them if you can get them to, well, stop using the glitches on you.
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