Where can I find this?

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User Info: teir

5 years ago#1
I used to have it. I still have the box but I don't know where the disk went. Everywhere I look, the game is like $50+. Why is this so hard to find? The original is even harder to find. I really want to play this again. The multiplayer was great fun and I cant find anything else like it.

User Info: spongeliv

5 years ago#2
You can currently buy the game used for about thirty five dollars on Amazon. At least that's a little bit cheaper. I would recommend keeping an eye on Amazon and eBay. Maybe you'll find a better deal, good luck!
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User Info: DarkStar643

5 years ago#3
ive had this game since launch day :P i saw it at bookmans the other day for 45 bucks which surprised me. i didn't know the game was considered rare.
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User Info: MarcosAKAshorty

5 years ago#4
Wow, expensive game. My friend sold it to me for $5 with the box in good condition. Good deal :)
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  3. Where can I find this?

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