School Emblem?

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User Info: kl4969

8 years ago#1
I've been Swing Bros. Advance-ing all the Mecha-Chomps in the university many, many times (leave, go to town, respawn, repeat), but all I get are Nuts. In addition, I've got the Game Boy Horror SP on, but I don't get anything from them. I've looked through several FAQs, and more than one claims that it is in fact possible to obtain School Emblems from them. I'm a perfectionist/completionist when it comes to RPGs, and I'm wondering if anyone's had any luck getting this particular badge. Perhaps I'm just getting unlucky in my Swing Bros.-ing or it's just exceedingly rare?

User Info: PerfectChaos00

8 years ago#2
I don't think it exists, as I have not gotten a single one in any of my files, including my perfectionist/completionist file...

Perhaps it's a beta version of Steady Badge or something? I don't really know, but I don't think School Emblem is a real badge, personally...
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User Info: MarioPenguin5

8 years ago#3
Actually it is a real badge, and you get from killing viruses, probably blue since that's always when I kill them. I think it's a 1/10 chance, since I also get refreshing herbs from them. I wish I had a photo site account so I could show you...
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User Info: DominusRevenge

8 years ago#4
^Is that with or without GBHSP, and can it be gotten by using Swing Bros Adv? I ask because I don't recall getting it...
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User Info: MarioPenguin5

8 years ago#5
Actually I lied. The badge is real, but you get it from Laser Snifits. It's kinda rare and I don't know about getting it through advance swing bros.
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User Info: SapphireOfChaos

8 years ago#6
But is it with GBHSP or not? That's what I was trying to ask... >.>
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User Info: MarioPenguin5

8 years ago#7
No, I always get it on the required run of Woohoo Hooneversity.
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User Info: kl4969

8 years ago#8
I must be terribly unlucky, because with every Mecha-Chomp I defeat, there is always a Laser Snifit that's accompanying it..

Perhaps the Snifits will only drop it when GBHSP is NOT equipped? I've never gotten the School Emblem in any playthrough, but I'm just going to leave this questionable badge alone until I get further evidence.

User Info: kl4969

8 years ago#9
I got the School Emblem.
I was battling a group of two Laser Snifits and two Mecha-Chomps.
I was routinely Swing Bros.-ing the Chomps and the Snifits because I wasn't sure who dropped it anymore.
I wasn't too hopeful for actually getting it, but one of the Chomps attacked Luigi.
Normally I wouldn't counterattack for fear of killing it and not being able to SB it, but I did, and did only 20 or so damage.
When Mecha-Chomps take damage and aren't killed, they sometimes get electrocuted and start flashing red and green, preventing you from telling who it'll attack next turn.
I'm not sure if the electrocution matters in the stealing, but right afterward I SB'd it and got the badge.

User Info: SuperNintendent

8 years ago#10
Great, now I gotta get my hands on 9 more badges... >.>
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