how do you get under water skill?

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  3. how do you get under water skill?

User Info: rkub1

9 years ago#1
i need under water skill to beat one of the 'wooai-mu' do u get more

User Info: wildhalcyon

9 years ago#2
Swim under water and increase lung capacity.

User Info: 40Spyder

9 years ago#3
To get underwater skill, why don't you try some underwater practice? Not to single you out, but does anyone try doing things the old-fashioned way, instead of looking for the quickest, most convenient fix nowadays?
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User Info: FritzCat75

9 years ago#4
Yeah, spend plenty of time swimming underwater. Maybe wait until you're at a frustrating mission and want some time out. It's also a good time to collect them oysters.

User Info: taylor_37

9 years ago#5

To gain lung capacity you have to swim underwater.

Your lung capacity will increase by 5% every 200m you swim underwater. The process seems to start slowly but obviously speeds up as you gain more lung capacity when you are able to spend more time underwater.

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  2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  3. how do you get under water skill?

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