Car Driving skill maxed easy??

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User Info: NUKER002

9 years ago#1
I restarted the game again and I'm trying to max My car driving skill, I was never able to max it cuz I keep hitting other cars! Is there a way to level your car driving skill fast with out using a cheat code? O, and the little truck things at the airport are they listed as cars, cuz if so I can just hop the fence and use them?

User Info: ReconUnit

9 years ago#2
Try to get all Gold in Driving School. It will be like hitting one bird with two stones.
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User Info: NUKER002

9 years ago#3
I'm not that far in the game, I'm only in the first city, I forget it's name!

User Info: Orion_SR

9 years ago#4
Increasing driving skill takes forever. The fastest method at the beginning of the game is to jack a fast car from the richer neighborhoods up north and drive and drive and drive. Once you get enough skill to unlock 8-track be sure to complete it to unlock the Hotring as well. Race in circles as fast as you can around the airport runway (park at the gate, hop the gatehouse, retreat through the gate and drive the car in). Every 5 minutes or so you should get another small incremental boost to the driving skill.

Alternately, try racing around the unlocked island a quickly as possible. Running circles in the airport gets old quickly, but trying to navigate at 80% full speed in a fast car and weave through traffic and hitting all your turns build valuable racing and police evasion skills. The trick is to be fast, but not so fast they you are out of control and hit things which cause damage and require replacing the vehicle, visiting a garage, or painting.

You don't really need all that much driving skill at the moment. Unlocking 8-track is a good goal - something like 20%. Any more than 40% will probably be a waste of effort. Your skill will be high enough for the task at hand, and Driving School is still the fastest way to build a lot of skill. The street races will quickly max out any remain after driving school.

User Info: NUKER002

9 years ago#5
Thanks Orion_SR for the info, but you assume I just got the game, I am 1 of the people that got the game when it first came out, and I even beat the game 2 times, with 90%+ finished, I did not finish most of the driving cuz I keep crashing! The biggest problem I have is I can't doge with cars, motorcycles I can! I did forget that you can go out the gate after you hop the fence! O, and I figured out how to hop the fence the first week!

User Info: Halcyon31415

9 years ago#6
Does anyone know of an area that is large enough to just drive circles in forever and just leave the game on when i Go to work and have my driving stat maxed out? Can I do that with one of the buggies at the Los Santos Airport? I'm going to give it a shot today and see if it works. I will write back on my findings if no one responds.

User Info: atwyatt

9 years ago#7
TC: I think the only variable for the driving skill increase is the amount of time that you've been driving. (and/or distance.) I don't think crashing has anything to do with it.

Pilot skill, lung capacity, etc. work based on time (and/or distance,) too.
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User Info: 40Spyder

9 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: DemonReacher

9 years ago#9
I think distance also has a factor, so wen you crash you lose time and distance.
Also when i was doing the taxi missions i got a stat upgrade every 10 fares on average, and i crashed a lot. Maybe you should do that, as it isnt as boring and you are also earn more money the longer you do it
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User Info: Halcyon31415

9 years ago#10
Well it didn't work very well for me, I had it running for about 30min or so before I left for work this morning, my skill rose ever so much. When I came Home CJ was running into a wall at the hospital, Who knows what happened but my stats did go up a little bit. Maybe if I can find a more reliable place to drive in circles...

Oh well it's really just a passing interest. I'm going to try various things and places because we really need a way to level this up with out driving forever. If anyone else has any ideas let me know all you need are two rubber bands and some time to kill :)
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  3. Car Driving skill maxed easy??

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