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Zero's plane mission...

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User Info: sharpshot8

9 years ago#1
I was one of those people who was told zero's plane mission was nearly impossible and i was better off just trading in my original copy of San Andreas and getting a greatest hits version instead, just to make this mission easier.

But. I'm the kind of gamer that likes a challenge now matter how tough, so I decided to give it a go.

I'm not gonna lie, my first 3 or 4 tries didnt go so well, then on about the 4th or 5th, i got lucky and was flying through.... until someone blew up the plane.

so I took at it one more time... and i just did what i had done the other times... and too my surprise by the time i took down the last van. I still had 1/2 a tank left, i then just coasted my way back to the building with ease.

If you were wondering the order i used.
first: i took down the van closest to where you take off.
second: I went after the bike which was right around the corner
third: i took down the van nearest. if you managed to get this group of 3 quick enough, you should have close to full or 3/4 of a tank left.
fourth and fifth: i went after the remaining bike and van which should be a ways away by now.
just try to be accurate with your shooting, and you should be able to take down this mission.

this may not help much.... but just so you know... this mission is very possible.

User Info: laddybuck

9 years ago#2
I always found it easy , so do many . I own the original as well , you only see the people who cant do it post that its hard , most of us found it easy enough .


9 years ago#3
Took me only 2 tries to finish this >_>
I'm just a good pilot
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User Info: mark1515

9 years ago#4
Trading in your original copy of San Andreas because you cant beat the RC plane mission???

Dont tell me people have done this? Thats just ridiculous...

Sure its a hard mision, it took me like 200 trys before I got it but damn!

User Info: tom__brady12

9 years ago#5
Wheres a better place to shoot the vans side front or in the rear??

User Info: Scissors61

9 years ago#6
Wheres a better place to shoot the vans side front or in the rear??

Probably from the rear. It's usually a good idea to be pretty close to the van as well. That causes the van to blow quicker because more shots hit. Plus, once you start shooting, the van will take off. Being closer usually ensures that you won't have to waste time chasing him.

If you shoot from the front, he could explode too close to you causing excessive damage to your plane. It's not really a bad idea though if you position yourself just right.

If you shoot from the side, you'll have to readjust your aim once he takes off. This can be kind of cumbersome.

User Info: tom__brady12

9 years ago#7

User Info: tom__brady12

9 years ago#8
one more thing whats the best way to shoot the bike with 2 people on it
i always make there and then he shoots me down :(

User Info: snowblind07

9 years ago#9
i found that mission really easy.

User Info: KaZooo

9 years ago#10
I'd still recommend people to take out the 2 northern targets and leave the van in the south to pass by Zero's. You're 90% fail proof. Only worry is making sure you take out the two in the north well.
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