The Ganton Gym Glitch

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User Info: GTAking96

9 years ago#1
I tried it and it didn't work, what exactly are the EXACT things you have to do?
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User Info: Cyborg_Mantis

9 years ago#2
From gram's site (

"From: klausbaudelaire| Posted: 11/7/2005 10:10:34 PM | Message Detail
It isn't a glitch.

You reach your limit at the gym whenever you lose 40% fat or gain 20% stamina or gain 20% muscle...after this you must wait until the next day to come back right?

Well, people tend to not want to eat in the game. I mean, it does get annoying.

That said, you begin to lose fat and then muscle and then health after 48 game hours of not eating anything right?

Well, lets say you went "dieting" and lost all your annoying fat on CJ. Now that you are a bean pole, you figure its about time to hit the gym to buff up a little...but when you get there, you see the message...

"You have reached your limit for today! Come back tommorow!"

And you say to yourself...

"Oh, not this ****..."

Why does it say this? Because while you were not at the gym, you lost over 40% fat by not eating...meaning that if you would have done the same thing at the gym, you wouldn't be allowed to work out until the next day.

SO...why won't it open up for me once I go to eat?

It has nothing to do with eating. It has to do with whether by NOT eating you lost/gained muscle/fat while running around. And if you gained at least 20% muscle or lost at least 40% fat from "dieting" and running around without eating, that is considered going to the gym.

SO...What do I do?

Note the time in which you can not go to the gym. It is a good idea just to get a salad, it makes it easier. Now your fat won't go down for 48 in-game hours. Save the game until a day passes after you visited the gym. You SHOULD be able to go back to working is easy if you just save the game like 4 times (advance 24 hours).

Hope this helps. Though everyone doesn't really need it anymore."
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User Info: GTAking96

9 years ago#3
No No, my fault. I should have specified. Anywho I got it anyway, but It was where you spawn a jetpack in the gym and fly into houses.
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