Rockstar's answer to the gym glitch

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8 years ago#1

Maybe some of you have seen my less than pleased topic about the deadly gym glitch. Well, I went on Rockstar's website and found this....

This will occur if CJ does not eat during the course of the game. While it is possible to regain health by saving the game, this will have a negative impact on other stats.

Feed CJ until his fat level reaches 50%. Carry on playing the game until the message that CJ is hungry appears. Feed CJ via one of the fast food restaurants then save the game. You should be able to return to the gym to work out. If this is still not possible repeat this procedure once again.

I tried this however and it didn't work, so if anyone else who has the glitch can test this out that would be great!!! I also say what this guy says is bull

"From: klausbaudelaire| Posted: 11/7/2005 10:10:34 PM | Message Detail
It isn't a glitch.

You reach your limit at the gym whenever you lose 40% fat or gain 20% stamina or gain 20% muscle...after this you must wait until the next day to come back right?

Well, people tend to not want to eat in the game. I mean, it does get annoying.

That said, you begin to lose fat and then muscle and then health after 48 game hours of not eating anything right?

Well, lets say you went "dieting" and lost all your annoying fat on CJ. Now that you are a bean pole, you figure its about time to hit the gym to buff up a little...but when you get there, you see the message...

"You have reached your limit for today! Come back tommorow!"

And you say to yourself...

"Oh, not this ****..."

Why does it say this? Because while you were not at the gym, you lost over 40% fat by not eating...meaning that if you would have done the same thing at the gym, you wouldn't be allowed to work out until the next day.

SO...why won't it open up for me once I go to eat?

It has nothing to do with eating. It has to do with whether by NOT eating you lost/gained muscle/fat while running around. And if you gained at least 20% muscle or lost at least 40% fat from "dieting" and running around without eating, that is considered going to the gym.

SO...What do I do?

Note the time in which you can not go to the gym. It is a good idea just to get a salad, it makes it easier. Now your fat won't go down for 48 in-game hours. Save the game until a day passes after you visited the gym. You SHOULD be able to go back to working is easy if you just save the game like 4 times (advance 24 hours).

Hope this helps. Though everyone doesn't really need it anymore."

I tried his method SEVERAL times and it never worked!!! I even ate several salads then later tried fatty foods until I became obese, saved the game in between each, and still no workout. HOWEVER, I did manage to fix the gym glitch twice somehow (although I re-obtained it after saving). I noticed that I could only eat maybe, like 4 or 5 meals, before I threw up. Then I loaded my save and presto!!!! I was able to work out!!! But, like I said, after saving, the ugly beast reared it's head again.

For those who don't have the glitch: Just make sure you eat at least three salad meals before you save your game!!! Rockstar THEMSELVES said that this is due to not eating for a long period of time!!!

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User Info: WinnerXYZ

8 years ago#2
I have two 100% save games where I didn't eat anything besides during that mission with Ryder and it never happened to me. I'd either just save or use the vending machines. However, I did try R*'s method once before (as stated in glenster's guide) and, guess what, I ran into the gym glitch not halfway through that game.

The trick that worked for me was given in the Secrets guide by TheDuffMan (now removed) which stated that to prevent the gym glitch, you shouldn't kill anyone (or maybe everyone) in a gym after you did your max workout for the day.

On a side note, I'm not saying R*'s method is wrong or the other method is right. Just stating what did and did not work for me.
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8 years ago#3
So, eating a few meals a day caused the glitch for you?
"I suggest you leave the area while there is still an area to leave"-Goldfinger

User Info: WinnerXYZ

8 years ago#4
Well, I wouldn't say that it caused the glitch for me but it surely did not prevent it, as R* suggested. The guide said that you had to eat at least once every 2 days. I went a few steps ahead and ate 2 or 3 times after every mission before saving. That must mean at least 5 or 6 times a day, considering we do at least 2 missions in one in-game day.

However, I did 2 more 100% runs again and this time, as was mentioned previously, I never ate anything outside of the mission with Ryder. The first time, I only (and rarely) ate from the vending machines, while the other time I just saved the game and kept my fat in check with food dates. That also happened rarely since I tried to avoid running, swimming and the likes.

Even after 100% I did a few other activities (g/fs and gang wars) and I can still use the gyms without a problem. Like I said before, the trick that worked for me was to not kill anyone in the gym before or after my workout. (leaving the instructors who you have to beat once to learn new moves)
"The past is a gaping hole" - Max Payne

User Info: True_Rune

8 years ago#5
I've never gotten a message saying CJ is hungry.
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8 years ago#6
So, don't kill people in the gym? Even if I still eat a few times before every save will the glitch still come? I think I DID kill everyone in the gym once for fun. Maybe that is why.
"I suggest you leave the area while there is still an area to leave"-Goldfinger

User Info: WASTE_of_ViRUs

8 years ago#7
i thought it was caused by dying in the gym.
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User Info: spaceeinstein

8 years ago#8
The most common cause is saving at Maddog's mansion. There's a gym and basketball court inside the mansion. Both of them run on external scripts which will mess up when saved. Somehow the game does fix itself but I don't know how it does. There are other causes of the glitch but I don't really know how it's caused. Probably the act of doing random things can get it fixed somehow.
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