how much does this game cost?

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  3. how much does this game cost?

User Info: Hero_Legacy

7 years ago#1
ive been wanting to play this game again for the longest and i just wanna know how much this game costs.
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User Info: bigM10231

7 years ago#2
15$ alone but a 3rd of it is from the GTA trilogy. if you get the trilogy, you get 3 for 15$
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User Info: icet87

7 years ago#3

$5.99 for a limited time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

User Info: RedneckPirate

7 years ago#4
If you want the PC version it's like 9.89 lol
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User Info: overcracker

7 years ago#5
1200 points if you want to download it to your Xbox360 (if you have one).
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User Info: pistol651

7 years ago#6
Last year i found a new PC copy for $5 at Gamestop
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User Info: Nodonn3

7 years ago#7
I picked mine up 2nd hand recently for $9 Aussie at EB.
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User Info: NASCAR5514

7 years ago#8
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  3. how much does this game cost?

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