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User Info: witmax33

5 years ago#1
Post your favorite quotes here

One of my favorites is:
"We could s*** on you from such a height, you'd think god himself was crappin' on ya"-Tenpenny

User Info: witmax33

5 years ago#2
Big Smoke: Later on, we spread out and take the whole hood back
Sweet: You already spreadin' out fat man

User Info: sycopoodle

5 years ago#3
communism in ohio
'nuff said

User Info: ZulHero

5 years ago#4
Big Smoke (after CJ ask Question) : Eh yo, dont ask a wise man, ask a fool
CJ: thats what im doing

User Info: witmax33

5 years ago#5
Monster mission

Guy: ...lose the monster truck and you fail
CJ: First, what's a GPS. Second, fail what?. And third, who the f*** are you?

User Info: witmax33

5 years ago#6
Two other quotes i like from Woozie are:
1. Woozie: Thank you Carl, You saved me from having to kill them all myself

2. Woozie: Want a stomach ulcer, try opening a triad casino in a mafia run town

User Info: Jeree_G

5 years ago#7
When cj highjacks a vehicle
1.i know this looks bad but it could be worse
2. Im a looser so hate me
3. Thats mine

User Info: inferiorweasel

5 years ago#8
woozie looking for the loose cobblestone and telling carl to shut up is good.

or when CJ picks up street cash

Live and Learn
Forgiveness is Divine.

User Info: Deadly_Croatoan

5 years ago#9
'Thats CJ' paper now'
Or anything said by The Funktipus.. 'just smoked a fat one ya'll' first time I heard that I couldnt stop laughing for ages, I dont care to much for the music of the Funk radio station but listen to it all the time just for The Funktipus..

User Info: augerrya3

5 years ago#10
Its either
"Gonna eat you!"-fat c.j while beating someone up
"Cough-o up-o el weed-o before I smash-o your brain-o all over the patio!"-big smoke
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