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User Info: FluffyKidJoe

5 years ago#21
Grove Street. Home. At least it was before I f***ed everything up.

User Info: EarlGreyXIII

5 years ago#22
Ryder : "Yeah , yeah , Ninja style ! "
"You can't stop me ! " when home invasion
My Next Dream is to see Bumpy Trot 2 has been released on NA
Bear-sona ! Raaaaawwrr !

User Info: naturalscience

5 years ago#23
Toreno: Sneak in the back without being seen. Once you're on the inside, I cannot help you.

CJ: Well, can you help me now?

Toreno: Oh, well, no. Actually, no.


OG Loc: Are....you....DISSIN'......MY......HOES!!??!

Lazlow: No no, your hoes are ********! Your hoes are *******!

OG Loc: You a busta! What are you?

Lazlow: I- I'm a buster, I'm a buster! Please, don't shoot me, homie!
"You dress like you blew up a homeless person, then knitted his clothes back together."

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