are there any other, newer games like this?

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  3. are there any other, newer games like this?

User Info: Shmewdog

8 years ago#1
with similiar gameplay and concepts?
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User Info: mattstone12

8 years ago#2
no, its an fps generation sadly. strategies are slowly dieing now, in fact, its already dead. you MAY want to try the dungeon keeper series though.

User Info: longlivesquare

8 years ago#3
There's a flash game on armor games that like it.
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User Info: Nonstop_Death

8 years ago#4
Try Startopia.
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User Info: Revenant27

8 years ago#5
Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2 are old but awesome.
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User Info: CurFuffle

8 years ago#6
Try Dwarf Fortress. I haven't but I heard it's good.
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User Info: BuriBuriZaemon

8 years ago#7
If you fancy ASCII graphics, Dwarf Fortress has amazing gameplay. If you don't, you can install fan-made tiles to make the graphics more recognizable.

Basically in that game, you build a fortress for dwarves inside a mountain (or on it, up to you). In the fortress, you can build many rooms, such as farms, workshops, barracks, blacksmiths, and also.... traps. You dwarves have at least 30 professions to chose for and each of them has his/her own unique personality.

Highly recommended!
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  3. are there any other, newer games like this?

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