A question about the "Search" ability.

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  3. A question about the "Search" ability.

User Info: DJNfinity

8 years ago#1
Will a character need to have high stats in "Spot" and "Listen" in order for "Search" to be more/at all successful?

The reason I ask is, if I have high stats in "Spot" and "Listen" and my character hears a wind sound coming from an area in an instance, and my friends character has high stats in "Search" and uses the search ability, will he be able to find the source of the noise?

Thanks in advance.

(P.S. Sorry for using the phrase "Max stats in...", but I don't remember the correct terminology at the moment.)

User Info: Jrg133

8 years ago#2
If you have high ability scores in "spot" you might detect secret doors and traps. Though without any ability to "search" you will not be able to locate the doors or be able to find the trap box needed to disarm the trap.

I guess to answer your question. Yes if you have a high spot and listen abilities you would detect something in the area, and then if you had someone with you who had a high search ability he could then locate what ever you detected.

User Info: DJNfinity

8 years ago#3
JRG, thank you for the reply. Glad to know that my friend and I didn't waste points when we made our characters.

User Info: Onuanuva

8 years ago#4
Search is a static ability that works on a per-character basis

if your search is high enough, you find the secret, if it's not, it's not, one person detecting something nearby adds no benefit to another person's search
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User Info: Salvidrim

7 years ago#5
Spot/Listen is used to detect the fact that there is a door/trap nearby, but you have no idea where it is, just that it is there. Search lets you find doors/traps, and then intreract with them (to open/disable).

You can find (with Search) things you have not detected (with Spot), either by randomly using nthe Search skill, because you are 'Searching' the whole dungeon, because someone else detected it and told you 'try Searching here', or because you KNOW something is there (from previous runs or guides).

Also, using your observation skills as a player (and not your Spot stat as a character) might hep in finding a lot of secret doors.. when you see stairs leading into a wall, try Searching, even if your character's Spot is too low to detect a doors' presence, there's a good chance it is there.

Also, SerahcSpot are not simply a number that is used to find a door. For example, any given door does not require '25 Search to find'. Instead doors/traps have DC (difficulty classes), which you need to beat with a Search/Spot check (which is to say, a d20+your Search/Spot).

Also, Spot is passive, and is used whenever you walk near something that is 'spottable', while Search is an active skill, and you hae to consciously 'use it' to find anything.
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  3. A question about the "Search" ability.

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