why does everyone say this was the scariest game ever

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  3. why does everyone say this was the scariest game ever

User Info: MrIan6745

9 years ago#1
it wasn't.. FF1 was wayyy scarier. to be honest FF2 was my least favorite of the series. i dont see why everyone thinks its so scary.

User Info: arczero_x

9 years ago#2
Well, most people that I know says that FF1 is also the scariest one compared to FF2. Maybe I really didn't experience the scare factor of FF1 that much because I wasn't alone when I played that game for the first time. :P
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User Info: dynamite_zero

9 years ago#3
First of all...Those are personal opinions =P. Probably because of better graphics or ghost models? I don't know, I played FF1 myself so I don't know. But I'm sure this is the least scariest of the series lol I think you know that already
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User Info: Lawrence-Tan

9 years ago#4

Who are these "everyone"?

I myself think that FF1 is the scariest game among the three series.

User Info: SuperShadowman

9 years ago#5
Because when trying to convince people that consider Resident Evil or System Shock 2 to be the scariest game ever, you need to say that this series is the scariest ever. And since Fatal Frame II is better, longer and easier to find than the first one, so you recommend that.
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User Info: MrIan6745

9 years ago#6
"everyone" being tv shows as XPLAY and others, websites, ect..

User Info: Eric037

9 years ago#7
Are you sure "everyone" said this game was the scariest? Maybe they meant this game series, not II specifically. All I've ever heard from anyone is that II is the least scary, but that the series in general is the scariest, in their opinion.
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User Info: CinnHotPlate45

9 years ago#8
There was a lot of things that this game did better than one.But Mio was no punk.....which was very much so not the case in one.But that's also why one scared me more.Miku was just as much as a punk as I and on top of that...Kirie had style in her work...which mad me fear being in the mansion more.But I appreciate Mio as a character a lot.She was the "I guess I'm gonna have to swallow this one..." chick (XD),and this was a vast majority of ppls first PZ game.I didn't know anyone else personally that played the first game when it was first released for 4 years.

User Info: bohemian_bob

9 years ago#9
I've never heard anyone say this is the scariest game ever, but I do think the original was scarier than FF2. Neither one can hold a candle to SH2 though. The problem with the FF games is that you get too many healing items and the ghosts are easy to take down. I finished FF2 with 40+ potions... on NORMAL difficulty! It really takes away from the fear factor when you have potions to rely on.
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User Info: Lawrence-Tan

9 years ago#10
There's a total of 50 medical herbs to be picked up in the game.

(I could be wrong, though?)
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  3. why does everyone say this was the scariest game ever

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