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User Info: spank_my_bottom

8 years ago#1

It has become clear that Sammy Studios made a very, very stupid decision to not publish this game in the U.S., thinking that the demand would be low.

Just look at how now we have very bloody games like Prototype, Wolverine, Ninja Gaiden 2, Brutal Legend...etc. etc. There is obviously a "BLOOD LUST" amongst U.S. gamers. I personnally love seeing blood splatter all over the place, it's COOL to look at!!! That is why I loved the Dreamcast version so much. It was very gorey, but it also had a great story/script.

I would had loved to have this game in 2004. But thanks to Silly Sammy Studios, I was stuck playing kiddy T-rated games.

User Info: Simsyas

8 years ago#2
prototype is overraetd
simon says

User Info: GekigangerV

8 years ago#3
I agree. Berserk would fit the mold of some of the games you mentioned, but I think that the game play may be labeled as "too basic" in an age where characters have extensive (and mostly useless) combos. What I liked about the two Berserk games was the animation of Guts swinging a sword. It was like they were trying to go for what it would look like if a guy was trying to swing an over sized sword with how he followed though and wound up each slice.

A Berserk game would also probably be accused as a God of War imitator (although it came first), but if it gets more people interested in Berserk I guess I could put up with the uneducated on the Internet. Hell, a game with the Berserk armor would fall right into the God of War style of game play.

Since Berserk doesn't have puzzles to help break up the monotony of hack and slash (beside extended story sequences) it may not go over too well with the general public. But you never know.

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