Dialogue Voiceover glitches??

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User Info: KurtKokaine4

8 years ago#1
I'm a Splinter Cell vet and consider this series to be one of the best ever made, but I'm starting to become frustrated at how sometimes the NPC voiceovers cut out when you talk to them. I've owned two copies of Pandora Tomorrow and they both have this problem, usually during the Norman Soth interrogation on the train. It's just annoying when you're really getting into a game, then when interrogation time rolls around, Sam's just talking to himself. Is this problem consistent with most copies? Just wondering how many others have had this crap happen.

Another thing I noticed. Some of the text that runs on the left hand corner of the screen when NPC's are talking doesn't match what the NPC is saying. During the Norman Soth interrogation, Sam says "Then make your Sadono story fast", to which Norman replies "The CIA needed an American presence in Indonesia, and I was the man for the job". But the text reads "The CIA needed an American presence in Indonesia, and pushing Sadono to take over the Embassy was the perfect excuse" (that last part isn't word-for-word, cuz I can't remember exactly what was said, but the meaning is still the same).

Isn't it weird though that the text and voiceover work wouldn't match up. It just seemed like Ubisoft didn't do such a great job fine-tuning this game.

Again though, I still consider this series to be awesome, but I had to vent this crap after getting overly frustrated last night restarting missions just so I could hear the dialogue.
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User Info: UndertakrRIP

8 years ago#2
i never had this problem with my game. maybe bad luck?
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