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Section #1. Freeze-Ups and Reducing File Size.

These two things go hand in hand. I would say around 75% of freeze-ups in
this game are caused by a big file size. Unfortunately, that happens when
you bring a game from PC to the console. Freezes are sadly common in this
game, it even gets to the point eventually when there is nothing you can
do to reduce their number. Either because of taking advantage of other
glitches in the game, or simply playing one character for so long, you can't
reduce the file size. These are rules of thumb to prolong the life of
your favorite character, and keep the freeze-ups to a minimum.

For reducing file size, there are several things you can do...

1. Don't save over other files. Start a new one every time and delete the
back files before you load the latest one.

2. NO autosave, it fragments the save similar to fragmenting on a CPU.
See #1

3. Close all doors behind you. The Game has to remeber what doors you left
open. Besides, you weren't raised in a barn.

4. Leave things alone. Don't take small things from houses. Try not to take
anything from houses. The game has to remember what it was programmed to
have and where it went. If you must take things, you might as well loot
the whole house.

5. Don't leave things lying out in the open. Use a crate, sack, barrel or
permacorpse. Too many things left in the open results in an Overflow Loot
Bag, which has a tendancy to erase items it was supposed to store. If
you're concerned about items disapprearing from normal crates, sacks,
chests, barrels, or even permacorpses(it rarely ever happens), just buy a
lock spell and lock the container.

6. To get rid of things you don't need, kill a generic monster (kagouti,
cliff racer, etc.) and put all the unwanted items in it's corpse. rest for
three days in a different area and the body and it's contents will dis-
appear. By "different area," I mean a new loading cell, an are the game
has to load up. It won't disappear if you stand by it.

7. Dispose of corpses as you go along. Too many dead creatures and
humaniods eat up valuable RAM.

8. Sleep for 3 days at a time in bed before you save. That will clear the
game of bodies you forgot to dispose of.

That should be about it. Remeber that abusing glitches will cause your game
to crash more frequently as well. And if all else fails, start a new
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Raug the Evil Dwarf 12 years ago#2
Section #2 Full Price for Your Items Bartering Trick

Most of the merchants in Morrowind don't have the money to buy the really
expensive items. On the Mainland, The Mudcrab and the Merchantile Master
Trainer are the wealthiest merchants. The Talking Mudcrab has 10,000 gold,
and is very hard to find. There's an FAQ by my good friend DagothUrReturns
that shows the Mudcrab's exact location, in the middle of nowhere. I
personally use the Creeper, he's a little more flexible and way easier to
find. He's a little scamp on the second floor of Ghorak Manor in Caldera.

--The Process:

Let's say you want to sell something worth 15,000. Creeper only has 5,000, so
you need to "give" him another 10,000.

First, you need to have things in his inventory to make change. My favorites
are Ebony bracers, 6th House Bell Hammers, and Indoril and Orcish sheilds.
By making change, I mean things that you are going to buy from him to give
him the money to purchase your more expensive items.

You want to sell an ebony broadsword worth 15,000. You need to buy two Ebony
bracers worth 5,000. Now he has 15,000 and you have a broadsword and two
bracers in your inventory. Sell him the sword, depleting his money to 0.
Stand right in front of him and rest for 24 hours till his money resets. In
Morrowind, every merchant's money resets to full after 24 hours. And don't
worry if it says that resting there is illegal. You can just wait in front
of him. When you wait, you only restore fatigue, but no health or
magicka(if applicable) will be restored. It's not a crime. So, now you've
rested and he's back to 5,000. Sell him a bracer you don't need. He's
back to 0. Rest again, and repeat. Now, you've bought two bracers, sold a
broadsword for full price, and sold back two bracers for full price.
Not too shabby.

Of course if you used the Mudcrab, then you would have only needed to buy
and sell one Ebony bracer.

This takes a long time if the item is very expensive. Remember, you need to
be able to make change, and have almost as much money in your pocket as
compared to what the item is worth. It may be time consuming, but you'll
have more cash than you know what to do with.
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Raug the Evil Dwarf 12 years ago#3
Section #3 How To Get To Mournhold.

First, you'll need the brown and gold editon of Morrowind GOTYE. The easiest
way to check if you have the correct edition is by looking on the back cover
of the game's box. There should be a Dark Elf in yellow (bonemold) armour, a
guy in a red suit of armour that kind of resembles a medieval Storm Trooper,
and a picture of a werewolf. IF that's the edition you have, then this
pertains to you. If your copy of Morrowind doesn't have these pictures, then
this does not apply.

--To get to Mournhold

You have to wait to be attacked by an assassin in black. He's part of the Dark
Brotherhood, a dishonorable gang of theives and assassins. The attack can
happen at any level, but usually it's levels 6-12. After that happens, report
to any guard. He'll tell you that if you've been attacked by the Dark Brother
hood, then you should probably talk to Apelles Matius. "He's recently in
from Cyrodiil." And, "You'll likely find him inspecting the grounds at Ebon-
heart." So, head to Ebonheart, and look for Apelles. He's usually walking
around the large bridge by the Grand Council Chambers. He is the only one in
Adamantium armour. Talk to him, and he'll direct you to a teleporter girl in
the Grand Council Chambers. Talk to her, and she sends you to Mournhold. To
get back to the mainland, either talk to the Argonian in the welcoming center
or if you have a marked location on the other island, you can recall to it.

That's how you get there. Mournhold is a magical place....where it's really
easy to die, so be careful.
“I hate to advocate weird chemicals, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone . . . but they’ve always worked for me.” Hunter S. Thompson
Raug the Evil Dwarf 12 years ago#4
Section #4 Golden Saint Summon Location.

This is a pretty common question. People search the enitre island of
Morrowind looking for Golden Saints, and with good reason. Golden Saints
are one of the tougher Daedra you'll face. Daedra are a type of gods and
demigods, etc. The Golden Saints are particularly valuable for not only
the weapons they carry, but also their souls. With the Soul of a Golden
Saint, enchanters can create items that are constantly on. Most
enchantments are either cast when used, or cast when a weapon strikes. With
a Golden Saints soul powering the enchantment, The options are opened up to
constant effect enchantments. For example, a ring enchanted with a Scamp's
soul and restore health will restore your health for the allotted amount and
time, then wear off, just like a spell. With a ring enchanted with a Golden
Saints soul, you could have a restore health effect constantly. Effectively
turning it into a ring that regenerates your health as long as you wear it.
Instead of looking for Saints all over the island, Some people choose to
summon them by use of thier conjuration skill. It's an easy way to have an
unlimited supply of Saint's souls and fodder for awesome enchantments.


Felen Maryon is a Dark Elf that lives in Therana's chamber's, in the upper
tower in the city of Tel Branora. To get to Tel Branora, take a boat from
either Vivec or Sadrith Mora. When you hit Tel Branora, look for the mush-
room houses the Telvanni are famous for. Start walking up the side of the
house where all the guards are walking. It's a path that spirals up.
There's a door that's marked "Upper Tower." Head into the door and look
straight for an opening/tunnel that's a little lower than where you're
standing. Go through there and up to more doors that say, "Therana's
Chambers." Enter and here you'll have to levitate or jump up to where
Therana is. When you make it up there, you should see a guy with a magick
robe, he's Felen. You can buy most upper level summons here, and he's a
spellmaker as well.

A couple of side notes:

-The Golden Saint isn't the only creature that, when soul trapped, produces
the constant effect option. Ascended Sleepers and the souls of the gods
also give that chioce. The thing about the Sleepers is that there is no
summon spell available, meaning the only way to find them is to search the
island. The gods' souls are too valuable to put into a constant effect
enchantment. Vivec and Almalexia's souls can only be trapped in Azura's
Star. Vivec has 1,000 charges and Almalexia has 1,500 charges. A Golden
Saint and Ascended Sleeper's soul both only have 400 charges. The gods'
souls are more suited for a cast when used or cast when strikes, due to
the high number of charges.

-Members of Great House Telvanni build their houses in a way to make it hard
for non-magick users to enter and talk to them. They are very elitist.
That's why you have to levitate in all Telvanni towers to speak with the
“I hate to advocate weird chemicals, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone . . . but they’ve always worked for me.” Hunter S. Thompson
Raug the Evil Dwarf 12 years ago#5
Section #5 "Perma-Spells"

I am not entirely sure who first found this out or how. A popular theory is
that the finder created a spell to summon a Golden Saint and soul trap it at
the same time. This person made the spell they thought would do it. When it
was cast however, it turned into something a little strange. The creature
didn't go away. It stayed there permanently. This is a kind of fun glitch
that is more formally called the "Target Effect." I don't know who came up
with it originally, but it's a good thing they did. I do not recommend
abusing this, as it could take all the fun out of your gameplay experience.
It's non fun being super powerful and having nothing left to do, and no
challenges. Use this knowledge sparingly, for your benefit.

You'll need to get the spell effects you want and go to a spellmaker.
And remember, this is one spell with two effects, not two seperate spells.

Perma spells:

"Perma Command"
Fortify Strength on Target
Command Humaniod x-x for 2 secs. in 5ft on Touch

The first effect has to be "on Target" and requires no variables. Fill out
the x-x for how high a level the target is. For this to work, you have to
stand a little ways away, like 4 1/2 feet away. Cast it at the floor and
barely get them in the 5 ft ring.

This is for casting a perma spell on another person. Very useful for giving
an NPC more speed when he's following you around, or commanding them around,
like the sample spell implies.

For a Perma-Spell on yourself just change the second spell effect to "on self,"
and cast it. It's easier to do it on yourself because you don't have to worry
about the NPC's proximity.

For a Perma-Summon spell, just change the second effect of the spell to the
summon you would want. Look at the floor, and then cast it.

Warning: The more you abuse the Target Effect/Perma-Spell Formula, the more
likely your game is to freeze-up and crash. See Section #1: Freeze-Ups and
Reducing File Size. Also it's more likely you are to not enjoy your Morrowind
experience. Use sparingly.
“I hate to advocate weird chemicals, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone . . . but they’ve always worked for me.” Hunter S. Thompson
Raug the Evil Dwarf 12 years ago#6
“I hate to advocate weird chemicals, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone . . . but they’ve always worked for me.” Hunter S. Thompson

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