Mark of Zenithar...?

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User Info: MetaMora777

9 years ago#1
Ok, so now I cant use the mages guild teleportation, and i'm the freaking Arch-Magister!!! What is this thing, and how do i get rid of it?
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User Info: whatmustido

9 years ago#2
You see? This is why you should pay attention to whose quests you pick up. You agreed to take shirts to someone in Ald`ruhn. I suggest delivering the argonian's shirts. Otherwise, no more shopkeeping, no more fast travel.
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User Info: 128Mb_MP3

9 years ago#3

Actually read the text next time you pick up a quest. The journal isn't really as helpful as in Oblivion...
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User Info: SR71

9 years ago#4
Even if you cannot find the shirts ever again, there is a fix for this involving Mournhold.

User Info: Trughbull

9 years ago#5
ahhhh ... the fate of the un-read. Pity.

You gotta find the shirts, Dark.

And you gotta pay attention.

BTW, I have enjoyed your other posts. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Please believe me, if there were merely mountains I could move to assist you, I would turn the Rockies into the Great Plains. But without the shirts, to the best of my knowledge, there is naught that can be done.

Hopefully others know more than I.
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User Info: Hobospartan

9 years ago#6
Find the shirts, or re-load an old save, or do something in mournhold? I havent heard anything about that, details SR-71?
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User Info: SR71

9 years ago#7
Little known Fact About the Mark of Zenithar

Not just any 5 Exquisite Shirts will work for that quest. If you cannot find the shirts that Rasha gave you, then you'd better hope that you are playing the GOTY Edition. Why? Because, Ten_Tongues Weerhat, the Pawnbroker in the Bazaar in Mournhold, is the only other source for those same shirts. And, he has 5 of them for sale.

This is from my journals, and I have yet to see it mentioned anywhere else.

User Info: MetaMora777

9 years ago#8
Thank god... I just dropped the things. I know exactly where they're at.
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