Daedric Cuirass location (spoilers)

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User Info: elixir8

8 years ago#1
I'm posting this because it was kind of a pain to find. I already had the enchanted cuirass given to me by Therana for getting her Auriel's bow, but I wanted the normal one while I was getting the Daedric Left Pauldron in the Wailingdelve.

Once you enter the Wailingdelve, hop up on to the short wall in front of you, and look down. Drop down about ten feet. Walk forward a few feet, and you will drop down about twenty feet to a slanted ledge. Look down, with your character facing northwest, and you'll see a ledge that you can jump to - it's about a thirty foot drop. This is the ledge the cuirass is on - it's at the same height as the very top of the waterfall. Another way to find it - if you're standing on the rocks where you find the Left Glass Bracer (the first rocks that the waterfalls hit), face your character perfectly west, and look up to see a slanted ledge. Levitate up, and there it is.

To get access to Wailingdelve, you need to do a few of the main Tribunal quests to open up a new area in Plaza Brindisi Dorom, then be able to open a level 100 door in Radac's Forge, for which I used a Scroll of Ekash's Lock Splitter (to get two Dwemer Satchel Packs). I know you can get a third satchel by opening up a level 70 chest, but one is not enough. If anyone needs to know where to get these scrolls, I'd be happy to help. My character is a female Breton warrior, heh. She's currently equipped with:

Daedric Claymore
Daedric Cuirass
Daedric Greaves
Her Hand's Boots
Her Hand's Helmet
Her Hand's Gauntlets
Her Hand's Pauldrons
Necromancer's Amulet

Everything is enchanted except for the claymore. I need to pick up a few decent rings. Sorry for the long post.

User Info: Diutinus

8 years ago#2
whoa, new information overload

feels good, man
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User Info: King_Tigerclaw

8 years ago#3
Damn..........and here, I thought that all I had to do was look at this picture.

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User Info: Hobospartan

8 years ago#4
new AND exciting!
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User Info: Dark Sage 89

Dark Sage 89
8 years ago#5
*ejaculates everywhere*
Needs more hot sauce.

User Info: Foreman22

8 years ago#6
Shania Is Still The One

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