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User Info: Scuddy_Wubbles

8 years ago#1
Here it goes:
Race: Dark Elf.
Class: Nerevarine.
Sign: The Atronach.
Favorite Attributes: Strength and Endurance(For maximum starting health).
Specialty: Magic.

Major Skills:
Block(Take less damage and look cool too!) [Agility]
Sneak(Sneak Attack = Death. Pickpocket is cool too.) [Agility]
Destruction(Good for hitting weaknesses and hurling massive fireballs.) [Willpower]
Alteration(Covers Security. + Jump, Levitate, Water Walking/Breathing and Shield = T1TS! Most useful magic IMO.) [Willpower]
Mysticism(Soultrap, Mark and Recall, Absorb Life, Telekinesis ect. Duh.) [Willpower]

Minor Skills:
Long Blade(Best weapons are long blades.) [Strength]
Short Blade(For speed stat... and they're cool.) [Speed]
Heavy Armor(To look bad ass in daedric armor. Great legendarys as well) [Endurance]
Illusion(Completely covers the speechcraft area + Invisibility, Chameleon, Paralyze, Nighteye and its governed by the personality stat! Second most useful magic IMO.) [Personality]
Alchemy(Lots and lots of $$$$$ and many other reasons.) [Intelligence]

As you can see this build has all stats covered in his major and minors and has no problem maxing them. He is perfectly set up for the main quests: Hes a Dunmer and can utilize most of the goodies u get from them(Hopesfire, Trueflame, Fists of Randangulf, Wraithguard, Keening ect.)

Other good factions for this build are:
Telvanni(Great rewards including daedric armor and grieves that give 50 feather points each. Most fun of the 3 houses IMO.)
Mages Guild(More great rewards like necromancers amulet.)
Fighters Guild(Fun and good equips early on.)
Aundae Vampire Clan(Cus Vampires are DOPE! Aundae is the most fun of the 3 IMO.)
Note: You can do most Telvanni and Mages Guild quests as a vampire. I became master of mages guild as one.

This build is extremely versatile. He can be a brutal Mage, a savage tank warrior, and he can even do the stealth thing. He is easily the best/most fun character i have ever made in my many years of Morrowind. Ive spent hundreds of hours on this guy. I have completed the main quest both Morrowind and Tribunal(I have Almalexia's Soul in Azura's Star.) I am Grandmaster of the Telvanni, Mages Guild and Fighters Guild. I'm now currently working on the Morag Tong. This build starts out pretty weak at first but just train him up a bit and he will be superb before you know it.

This build works great for roleplaying as well. I imagined my character coming to Morrowind as a lowly slave. I followed orders and spoke to Caius immediatly. He told me to join some guilds and get some adventuring experience. I quickly became a high rank in the fighters and mages guild then eventually decided to join great house telvanni. I gained a pretty good reputation and was pretty well known around Morrowind. One day while exploring a tomb i was bitten by an Aundae vampire and infected with vampirism. I became an outcast, hated by most. Only the mages guild and the telvanni would take me in. After ravaging the countryside for years I came across Galur Rithari's Papers. I had finally found the cure. I had to become human again because I hated what i was. I returned to the world of the living then proceeded to exterminate every single vampire in morrowind. After that I became Archmagister of the telvanni and abolished slavery in the house. I felt for the slaves for i was once a slave myself. I eventually followed my true destiny and became Nerevarine and Hero of Morrowind. I've killed gods and I, myself am one. Bored with life I now travel to solstiem in search of myself. Not knowing what awaits me on the small snow covered island...

Thats all folks!
Tell me what u guys think.

User Info: monkeyb412

8 years ago#2

Oh thats tight dude. What level do you have him at.

*quietly to self* he he he got it!

User Info: Walter268

8 years ago#3
call me retardedly challenged if you want but how does illusion cover spechcraft?
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User Info: ChitinMan

8 years ago#4
Charm, Frenzy spells.
The Rave will never die!!!

User Info: Scuddy_Wubbles

8 years ago#5
He is currently lvl 69. 1 point away from max luck!

@ Walter
Illusion has the frenzy, calm, and charm spells so no more bribing and taunting and it is also governed by personality!
Illusion is awesome. It is so much cooler and more useful than mercentile or speechcraft.
If u want to raise ur personality stat you should take Illusion.

User Info: Walter268

8 years ago#6
What does a "Sound Spell" do like the earwig spell you buy form the lady in balmora mage guild
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User Info: Scuddy_Wubbles

8 years ago#7
Sound lowers the targets chance to cast spells depending on the magnitude.
Pretty useless IMO.
A regular ol' silence spell does the trick way better.

User Info: Walter268

8 years ago#8
So i made this guy. And well hes kind of slow starting out. I bought the charming touch for 2000 gold in balmora but my chances of casting it are absolutly zero, so whats the point.
He seems to die pretty easy too, but does alright dps with the destruction spells and my wakizashi.

Also could you tell me where to get ingredients to make restpre magicka potions and what ingredients are needed, im constantly running out of magicka with this character.

Could you give me some tips on playing this character.
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User Info: Scuddy_Wubbles

8 years ago#9
Ok check this out. You're gonna have to make your own charm spell. 30 to 30 pts for 5 secs on touch should be reasonably easy to cast. All u gotta do is cast it and then talk to the NPC in the 5 seconds. His disposition stays once you open the dialog box.

Same thing for frenzy. 5 seconds is plenty of time for the NPC to get mad and hit u first.

For restore magicka potions u need frost salts, void salts, and daedra hearts.

If you don't mind using a simple exploit..
Creat a spell: Drain Intelligence 100 to 100 pts for 1 sec on self.
Infinite magicka yay!
I personally dont mind using this at all. The magic system in this game is completely broken.
I would rather use it to my advantage rather than disadvantage.

Heres a pretty long, but good strategy for getting started.

First you need about 1000 gold.

Make your way to Balmora. Visit Nalcarya of White Haven the Alchemist. Purchase some Alchemy equipment. Get the apprentice versions. Its a good idea to raise her disposition. Now buy 10 kwama cuttle and 10 scales. Sell the scales and cuttle back to her. Now u can buy them in stacks of 20. Repeat this process until u can buy stacks of about 300. These ingredients make water walking potions.

Now make potions until your alchemy stat is between 60 or 70. Takes only about 15 minutes. You can rest in the bed upstairs in her shop just dont be seen by the guard (Use Sneak.) This gives u a nice boost to your maximum magicka to start off with.

Now what to do with all these potions. You are probably gonna run outta room before your alchemy reaches 60, so once you are about to become over encumbered just run over to the mages guild. Take the teleport to caldera and find the Ghorak Manor. Walk inside go upstairs and talk to the scamp named Creeper.

Creeper has 5000 gold and buys your potions at full price!! Sell away. If he runs outta of money just wait 24 hours. You could also visit the mudcrab merchant. Hes the same thing except hes a crab and he has 10000 gold! With your hundreds of water walking potions hes quite easy to get to as well. You can find him with this.
Just type in "mudcrab merchant."

Now with your thousands of gold start training your abilities. I usually get all my majors and minors up to a nice comfortable 50. Start with Heavy Armor to boost your hp gain per level. Train each ability one at a time.

Now buy some spells. I recommend:
Charm, Frenzy Humanoid, Invisibility, Paralyze, Open Lock, Jump, Levitate, Water Walking/Breathing, Mark and Recall, Absorb Life, Almsivi/Divine Intervention and some good damaging destruction spells. One of each element.

Heres a list of all spells and where to buy them:

Now buy some good armor and a good weapon. Get some probes for traps. If u run out of money just make some more potions.

After all that you should be around lvl 20 and ready for some adventuring! Plus with all those spells you purchased you are prepared for pretty much anything that comes your way.

Also, a random tip: Make use of the jump spell. Makes traveling a breeze.

Try it out.

User Info: Walter268

8 years ago#10
wow thnaks man i just tryed this and have already made 60k in potions and my alchemyis at 74
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