Third Trial/glitch? (POSS. SPOILERS)

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User Info: greybeard

8 years ago#1
Sorry if this is a bit long but it is a bit unusual.

I am on the third Nevarine trial to be named as horator by the main houses.

Spoke to all the people required and saved Sarethi's son from the Venim Manor which, I've later found out, is what is supposed to trigger all the other house leaders to support me to become horator when you re-visit them

Problem is that it didn't. I did the rescue then went back to all the leaders and - nothing. No option to go on, just the same responses and no journal update. I even went back to the Venim Manor to talk to the main guy (who you eventually are supposed to duel) - nothing. Worse than this the game suddenly started freezing very regularly when I was 'under Skar'.

I referred to the guides here - no help but elsewhere I found mention of trouble with the PC version with reference to the Redoran mission to stop the mining at Caldera. That struck a cord because Garisa Llethri in Ald-Hrun who as far as I can recall I'd never encountered before had options to talk about the Caldera Ebony Mine and "halting the mining".

I checked my journal and the only reference to the mine was the Fighters Guild mission I did there to sort out some Telavanni agents.

Thing is I'm not in the Redoran House, I've not joined any house, but somehow what I've done earlier (months ago) seems to have triggered that mission. I did release all the slaves (inc. the head slave Dahleena) whilst I was there and later nicked Ordai Helvi's dodgy ledger from the Calderan Manor. Trying to present the ledger, which luckily I still had, to Garisa Llethri just didn't work.

Long and short of it was that only by actually completing this mission the only way left ie. killing the mine operators Ordai Helvi and Silennius Viabto did the game appear to get back on track. The game also stopped freezing in Skar completely and loaded much faster once I'd returned to Garisa Llethri and had my journal updated for his support for Redoran councillor. I could then go round the rest of the councillors and Llethri again and get the correct response/journal update for their support as horator.

But now I have in my journal a completed Redoran House mission I was never given and I'm wondering if that is going to cause problems somewhere down the line.

Anyone experienced anything similar?

User Info: greybeard

8 years ago#2
Oops - just realised it's actually the Fourth Trial not the Third.

Nobody has had anything similar happen then?

User Info: ImbaIance

8 years ago#3

You should be fine, though I'm not sure why that quest would keep you from getting support.

A lot of faction-specific quests aren't actually faction-specific, and you can complete them regardless of your membership.

User Info: greybeard

8 years ago#4
It is listed in all the FAQS I've since read as a specific Redoran House misson.

I wasn't given it, that's the point - when I first spoke to Garisa Llethri the talk options included 'Caldera Mine' and 'halt the mining' ie. as though he'd spoken to me before and given me the mission. My memory and lack of journal notes tell me he didn't.

The sudden glitchiness in Skar is surely more evidence that something was wrong and further confirmed as it suddenly stopped when I got the game back on track.

Apparently releasing Dahleena the slave and obtaining the dodgy ledger should have completed the mission without me having to kill the two mine operators anyway. But Garisa Llethri's talk options didn't change when I took the ledger to him. Perhaps I needed to keep the slave's bracer too but I certainly don't remember it being different because any non-standard/named item I've kept like the dodgy ledger.

It's the future consequences of having support for becoming a Redoran councilor in the game's memory when I'm not even a Redoran member that worry me. It's that sort of conflict which caused this problem in the first place.

I remember asking here on this very board if there were any consequences to freeing the slaves in general and specifically at the mine as that Fighter's Guild mission was one of the first I'd done where there were slaves. I was told it wouldn't matter. That advice seems to have been incorrect.

User Info: ImbaIance

8 years ago#5

There are tons of quests that you don't have to be "given" that you can complete anyway, simply because the NPC already has that topic by default. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

I have also experienced a great deal of choppiness within the Skar cell, at various points. There doesn't seem to be a specific cause.

In the conflicting quests FAQ, freeing the slaves there is addressed, but it reportedly only causes issues with House Redoran for the sake of completing the house - I don't recall any mention of it breaking the MQ.

IIRC, the 3rd and 4th trials are skippable if you have enough reputation, but I won't spoil that for you. Worst case is you either go back a few saves to be sure, or absolute worse case you take the backpath route. Otherwise, if the game has worked itself out and you have all of Redoran's support, there should be no further issues.

And if that doesn't satisfy you, there are at least three other Morrowind boards getting a ton more traffic than this one with folks who I gaurantee are far more knowledgeable than I am. Good luck.

User Info: greybeard

8 years ago#6
Thanks for the feedback.

I'm definitely back on track now and have done the Hllilu and most of the Telavanni hortator stuff plus a few optional missions since and the game hasn't frozen in the last 10 hrs of play. I'd swear it's running/loading between areas faster too even though the save file size is still getting larger.

I'm convinced there was some sort of conflict surrounding that Caldera Mine thing, just have to hope there aren't any future consequences I guess.

User Info: ImbaIance

8 years ago#7

It was like that for me, too. I had fewer crashes when my file size was at 350 blocks than I did at the beginning of the game. Now, on my second run, I have a much better understanding of how to keep the system in check. I'm up to ~165 blocks and have only had one DDE and a handful of freezes this run.

User Info: greybeard

8 years ago#8
The only thing about the anti-freeze recommendations I feel actually detracts from the game is turning the BG music off. I can live without shadows and most of the other stuff like turning off auto-save etc I was doing already. But I definitely miss the music.
My first experience of freezing was at >160KB and several other posts I've read cite that as a common trigger point. When I reached that file size it was definitely post-Caldera Mine for me so I'll never know for certain if the trouble I had recently was just due to normal freezing issues or some sort of technical conflict as regards the 'non' mission.

I'd be interested to hear if you get any more problems now you've reached 165KB. It could prove whether the >160KB save file size trigger is a myth or not.

User Info: ImbaIance

8 years ago#9

Froze last night just after finishing the "Hire a Wizard" quest in Sadrith Mora. :(

I realized I do actually have a lot of quests open, too: I'm supposed to go to Illunabi (sp?) for the Blades, which I've been avoiding for a while now, and I had just set the Orc to work fixing up Boethiah's shrine. I also have to kill Eydis on my way to becoming head of the Fighter's Guild, but was going to try to squeeze in the Bittercup quest before I do. Another task I was given a while back was to recover something for the Temple from Red Mountain, either the Cleaver or the staff artifact. I also took the 5k in gold to kill the heads of the Thieves Guild, though I have no intentions of doing so.

I still have the music on, though, so it's probably a matter of the combination of these factors and the file size that may cause me to see more crashes. Like I said, this is the first freeze I've had in a while - this run has gone much more smoothly with just a few options adjustments and more careful saving.

User Info: greybeard

8 years ago#10
I had my first freeze in three sessions last night - Sadrith Mora :the Telvanni council chamber which, has some of the worst slowdown in the whole game.

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